A little here - a little there.

Work continues at a fast pace on all aspects of the Cultus Lake Adventure Park project. Up at the site our guys have been busy welding the island structure for the Wave Swinger ride. They are working inside an enclosed plywood hording with the hope of staying a little warmer. The large platform will appear to be suspended by crumbling dirt banks and an assortment of large wedged timbers. The pencil rod frames are now welded for the dirt banks and the boys are starting the timbers and beams. With a little imagination I can clearly see the final result and trust me, it looks cool!

Outside the frost is finally coming out of the ground and the owner's crew is getting ready to pour a bunch more footings and decking The block layers are scheduled next week to lay a bunch more retaining walls and then we can at last do the bulk of the filling to bring the site up to grade. At that point we can start to move in the completed features. The building now sports it's rather plain looking water tight roof over which we'll install a decorative roof after our plaster theme work is done. We are also busy welding and wiring up the gnarly 'log' posts to hold up the bottom shed roof. They will all be installed by early next week and then mudded and sculpted when the warmer weather returns. In the middle of next week the mountain top and tree will be lifted into place along with the balloon and basket. The large ferris wheel will also be raised into position on the same day.

Back in the shop the gang started the concrete work on the trestle today, managing to complete the ties under the rails between all of the other projects on the go. When we are done it will be impossible to tell it is all made from concrete and steel.

Tomorrow promises to be another busy day. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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