Cool day!

This morning when I came out the door it was clear and crisp - real crisp. The first snow of the season was up on the mountain above us and the grass was white with the first frost. It was also our first day to have the whole crew onsite to work.

The crew arrived with plenty of extra layers of clothes, prepared to work in the cold. They are real troopers!  From left to right (back row) are Adison, me, TJ, Matt, Marty, (front row) Janessa, Kendra, Hailey, Sarah, and Brando. Becke was painting in the shop, Janis was busy in the office at the house, Peter was off today and Liz was busy cleaning my office and the shop.

Ten eager people can do a whole lot of work in one day. We put the last colored glaze on the big sign making it ready for the lettering which will happen soon. Matt was busy shaping and putting up more fence rails. The rest of the crew was busy chasing me by putting mesh onto the framework I was welding. Starting the cave maze was the big job of the day. We managed to get three quarters around the outside perimeter walls.

It was a cool day in more ways than one!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment