Sky scraper

It wasn't long this morning before the workshop tables, chairs and other equipment was all put away and we got busy with our paying projects once more. The crew who had helped so faithfully to ensure a fawless workshop was eager to begin our 'real' work once more. Lots was acomplished today. The largest and most visible project (of many) was the lighthouse feature. As I worked on welding the upper structure I lifted the top section into place and welded the rings, both top and bottom, to make sure everything lined up when it was reassembled onsite. From this point on the pieces would be built separately. As the pieces were fitted together we instantly got a good idea of how big and tall this piece would be when done. The roof of the lighthouse will be about seven feet taller than the frame currently is.

The plan is to have the base section in place on site Friday morning. The clock is ticking fast! Stay tuned for progress...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment