A frame under the frame

It is always fun to design fanciful ideas but when it comes to building these ideas a whole different logic takes over. It's called the real world. Anytime the public can walk under or over something we build it has to be fabricated to an extremely high standard. The last thing we want to do is hurt someone because of a structural failure.

The train and log car need to be securely fastened to the log trestle that supports it. I thought of many ways to accomplish this task but in the end simple won the day. Three inch angle iron will be securely fastened inside the rails and the train will be structurally supported from them. Behind the wheel sets sturdy two inch square supports go up to the frame of the train. No one is going to move this train once it is fastened into place - ever! The wheels and trucks are merely there for show.

Once the hidden frame was securely welded I could get on with fabricating the train once more. The first order of business was to finish the smaller frame bracing and then cut and weld a steel plate deck securely to the heavy frame. This deck will soon support the boiler.

I spent most of my day under my welding helmet, cutting steel with the plasma cutter and then welding it into place. I pulled many feet of weld.

As quitting time approached I squeezed in the beginning cuts and welds on the steam boiler for the train.

By the end of tomorrow the boiler should be mounted to the frame and the beginnings of the cab should be in place. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan