One in a thousand.

To find our customers we need to reach a lot of people. While I'm not sure of the exact numbers, I'd bet our customers are one in a thousand - perhaps one in ten thousand of those who take notice of our work. For every ten with whom we talk seriously about a job only three or four will make it to the design stage. Of these only one project will actually get built. It isn't a problem just the odds we face.

All this means we have to reach a lot of people. And these days it is easier than it ever has been. Traffic driving by our property and signs each day adds up and they take notice of our unique projects. Past work and customer referrals certainly help as well. Magazine articlesand industry awards certainly gets attention. And these days our internet presence also plays a huge role.

Our blogs enjoy a large readership with steady growth since they were begun. Amazingly, before I wake up in the morning the counter on our website will click through 200,000 hits since it was begun about 18 months ago.

Other blogs I write for the industry have enjoyed more than 300,000 hits as well. 

WIth those amazing numbers one in a thousand makes for pretty good odds.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment