Dimension works!

There are now eight contractor signs out front of our property. All are dimensional and all garner more than a passing interest from all who pass by. I've heard many positive comments when I'm in town getting supplies and also from those who stop by. But it is especially interesting to watch people as they walk by. They look at each sign, but one of the latest makes folks do a double take. The C & S Electrical sign is the one everyone is drawn to and almost everyone has to reach out and actually touch it. The cord ends that protrude from the sign set it apart from the rest. Imagine how much more memorable this sign is, even compared to the other dimensional signs.


Each evening as we work on the house it amazes me how many people stop to look at the house. With every detail we add it seems more and more people are stopping to take pictures as well. They are also focusing their cameras on the contractor signs meaning the information is being spread and remembered. Watching people interact with the signs has reinforced my belief that the more dimension we can incorporate into our signs and projects, the more noticable and effective they become.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment