Cutting it far too close.

With the moose making the trek to the ice cream store early tomorrow morning, just in time for Yarrow Days, we simply had to get it finished tonight. Peter and Rebecca worked late with me and we layered on coat after coat of paint and glazes. The myriad of fans did the trick today speeding up drying times between each coat of paint despite the high humidty and steady, hard rain. We finished the last color just before 10 pm. It has been a long time since we came this close to making a deadline. There have been far too many things going on this week. 

This was the last picture I was able to take tonight as it got too dark after that.

This moose will make me (and I suspect most other folks as well) laugh every time I see it. It is both totally rediculous and unbelievably memorable. Yarrow will have a new hilarious landmark tomorrow.

-grampa dan