Just the right size.

A BIG project in our shop right now is the gable sign for the Fox and Hounds Pub. It didn't seem that big as I designed it but as the assembly began it quicky became apparent just how monstrous this sign was. It measures twelve feet wide by ten feet high and with each layer I glue and sculpt on is getting thicker and heavier by the minute. I had to build a special rolling cradle to move it around the shop and out the big shop doors when it is done. The sign would not have fit out the door standing straight up. I'll have to weld up a second cradle to bolt to the trailer to transport the sign to the work site. 

As a point of reference the ladder tucked in behind the sign is just under seven feet tall.

The sign does fit out the door and yes I did a test run just to make sure.

-grampa dan