The first thing most people notice when they come in my shop or studio are the scores of sign samples hanging just about everywhere. Some are copies of projects I have done in the past. Most are examples of the types of work we can do. Some folks wonder why I would go to such lengths to have so much work on display. The answers are many.

It would be impossible to describe the things we do to a customer and have them visualize the same thing I do. Showing them with a sample is a whole lot easier. And since we can do so many things, a lot of samples are necessary. The samples are also cool decor. Coming into our shop is a visual feast of monstrous proportions. Thank makes me feel happy - and more importantly CREATIVE!

Samples also are a showcase of past projects. While the portfolio is a wonderful tool, samples are a hundred times better. Many of the samples are also creative excercises that stretch our abilities and skills. With no real deadlines and no customer's work at risk we can be as adventuresome as we can possibly be. While we are learning we are creating wonderful sales tools for imaginatie projects down the road.

Creating samples is of course plain old fun!

-grampa dan