View from the other side

The header at the top of this page is the mountain view we get to enjoy each day. Vedder Mountain is just shy of 3000 feet and is crisscrossed with old logging roads. Yesterday my good neighbor Gord offered me a chance to jump on one of his quads and go exploring with him. In two and a half hours we put on about 35 kilometers (22 miles) of varied gravel roads and some pretty technical and rough trails. We zig-zagged up the mountain to the top and over the other side before heading back down. Up top there was still remnants of the snow storm with about a foot of snow in places. It made for some interesting driving on the narrow trails.

The day was spectacular, the skies clear and sunny. Along the way we stopped occasionally when the trees opened up and we could see the valley below. THe shots below were taken at about the 1800 foot level of the mountain. The first shot is a panoramic view of the Faser Valley. We live in a rural area with lots of farmland. The mountains line both sides of the flat valley floor.

Zooming in a little we can see the small village of Yarrow, population about 1,100.


Here's the same shot but with our property circled in red. 

The last shot is a closeup of our small acreage from the back side. We are surrounded by farmland on two sides. My good neighbor Gord's shop is the silver quanset on the left. Our shop is the large building with the brown roof. The horse paddocks are on the right side and the house to the top of the picture. The firehall is across the street.

I had a great time, got lots of fresh air and tired myself out real good.

-grampa dan