Name plaques

With the next workshop now only a week away we are going full blast getting ready. One of the jobs is to create a name plaque for each attendee. I won't be sharing them all here but in the next few days I'll show a few...

Trish is our only female attendee this time. Bec always asks me to do something a little more feminine when I get the chance. The right designs create some cool painting opportunities for her.

Trish's husband Doug was the next guest to get a plaque. It was inspired by a manhole cover. It should paint up pretty cool.

For Darrel's plaque I was trying out a whole bunch of new techniques. I wanted the name plaque to resemble an old piece of newspaper.

The next plaque was for a good friend of mine who is going to be atthe Sculpture Magic Workshop the next week. Doug is capable of creating some pretty awesome work on his own, so I wanted to do something that perhaps he would never think of. Doug is a science fiction affectionado. So I thought I would go down that route with his name plaque.

I found an alien alphabet which really made no sense. By carefully choosing the symbols, then adjustng and modifying them I found I could create the letters to 'spell' out his name. Just to make it a little more cryptic I arranged them in two lines. It says Doug - but only if you look at it a while. The background texture is from my TEXTURE MAGIC collection. It is called Klingon Chicken. I figured he would appreciate it like no one else. He is that kind of guy.

Tomorrow I'll post a few more - just for fun.

-grampa dan