Fancy to the max!

We are always doing our best to push every possible boundary we can find. We combine the best of the old world skills with state of the art modern tools wherever we can. The goal is to be as creative as humanly possible while doing things as efficiently and quickly as we can.

One of our fancy tools is our four axis MultiCam CNC router. Its still shiney new and I'm doing my best to learn the ropes. With each project I accomplish a little more, and in the process figure out how I'm going to push the bar ever higher.

Today's project was a fancy fluted post, with a twist. It took me longer than it should have to figure everything out but I managed to pull it off. The machine is good but it is only as good as the information and imagination I put in. I remember well when I got my first router as I watched it automatically create the ideas that had presiously only lived in my head. Today, as the router worked away on the fancy turned post I saw that same magic once more. 

I'm having fun in Yarrow!

-grampa dan



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