One of our current clients asked me to sculpt him a bust of a woodcarver. He wanted the figure to lean out of a faux window over the doorway to his new woodworking shop. Dave is a police officer, and the woodshop will be his happy place when he soon retires. After years of dreaming, the shop is finally being built. I was delighted to play a small role in his long held dream.

Dave dropped into my shop about a year ago, just to look around. He loved what he saw and promised to return when he was ready to do a project. A couple of weeks ago he did just that. We discussed his little project and I did a quick sketch - little more than a scribble really, to help him visualize what I had in mind. The scribble shows an old man, holding a hammer and chisel. To the left is the top view, showing how the figure leans out the window with an open shutter on each side. The square box on his chest is a police shield, aluding to his work as a cop. The rough sketch was all the information I needed to do the job, although I'm sure Dave wasn't totally clear. But Dave was happy with what I showed him and we shook hands on the deal. He trusted me to do a good job. I love it when clients are so trusting. Based on that unwavering trust I am more determined than ever to do my very best.

In the last couple of days the project worked it's way to the top of my work list and I began the sculpt. As I did I gave Dave a call to check on the progress. I had no doubt he would be fine with what I was doing but I also knew he would love to see the sculpt in process. When I called Dave was on patrol but on his next break he came right over. 

Dave was speachless when he came in the studio door. His broad smile told me that he loved what he saw. Once again I was able to please a trusting customer with my very best work. I simply did the project as if I was doing it for myself.

-grampa dan