Take time to be silly. (in moderation)

Today, Saturday dawned gray and soggy, a real frog choker, not a day to do much of anything outside with Phoebe. We had to be creative as we didn't want to simply stay inside. After a little thought we decided it was the perfect day to head into town to have a coffee and a donut with my dad (phoebe's great grampa). I had a coke of course. Phoebe opted for an ice cream cone instead. I questioned her about the possibility of her getting cold. Her reply as 'No problem grampa, I have my parka on!' I could certainly see  the logic in that argument. She got her ice cream and finished it too.

On the way home Phoebe and I went sight seeing up at Cultus Lake. It was very quiet up there with not a single tourist to be found. Even the locals were snug in their homes, out of the heavy rain. We went for a short walk and looked through the fence at Giggle Ridge and then, just for fun, went seven and a half times around the traffic circle in grandma's car. Phoebe wanted to go ten times...  but her grampa is a man of moderation.

I hope you take the time to have a little fun today.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky4 Comments