One seminar done

After a long day on the road I slept soundly last night. Ths mornng I woke up rested and eager to do the first of three seminars I would present at the United States Sign Council's annual trade show in Atlantic City. My talk this morning was on 'how to have fun in the sign industry', one of my favorite presentations. I speak of how we need to follow our heart and passions  in life to do the very best work we are capable of and to have the most fun we can in life. In a world largely driven by price alone this is a far different business plan than most but it works well for us and I believe can work for others as well. The talk was well recieved by those in attendance. 

The conference is well organized and the sound and video equipment worked flawlesly. I look forward to making two more presentations over the next couple of days. In my off time I'll be learning new things in other seminars, looking at everything new in industry o the trade room floor and catching up with friends both old and new. The weather is pleasant and the sun is shining. It's a good time to be in Atlantic City!

-grampa dan

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