Magic, far and wide!

The last nine days have been fun. PURE MAGIC! It was our first opportunity to take Phoebe to Disneyland. She is at that perfect age. Tall enough and brave enough to go on every single attraction and yet still young enough to suspend disbelive and visit every one of the princesses, fairies and cartoon characters she could greet and get an autograph from. It was great fun to see a place I love through the eyes of someone seeing it for the very first time.

The weather was very warm in California and we enjoyed it. Just the same we didn't mind a bit as we stepped out from the airport on the way to the car and the raindrops fell on our heads. We were home and summer was definitely over.

Refreshed both physiclly and creatively it was time to get back to work once more. Today was spent returning calls and organizing things in preparation for getting back to work. Tonight we were welcomed back with a warm gold light on Vedder Mountain. This was the view from my studio...

Now it's back to creating our brand of magic once more in a place that has it own kind of magic...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment