Small projects are fun too!

While we do some pretty large projects in our shop, smaller ones are also tackled. They fill the gaps in our schedule nicely. Although smaller in scale, these projects are no less creative than the big ones.

A current project is a small cottage sign for some very nice people. These types of signs are fun because we get to pull the stops out a little. My clients asked for something fun. They named their getaway 'Shady rest'. After some discussion we settled on the image of him resting in a hammock between two trees. I sketched as we talked about the project in my studio. A wild chicken was aded at the bottom on a whim, but later this was changed to a small rabbit, common in thse parts. I'll add the bunny in the final sculpt.

I cut steel, welded up a storm, made lots of sparks and generally worked hard until the structure was complete.

In short, I had fun. Now the next fun stage starts - the sculpting that will make the sign look like the drawing. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan