A little more progress.

Today was a busy day. I jumped around from project to project and it seemed like I got little done. Sometimes I have days like that.  But things did get done - even if it was a little bit all over.

The router was busy through the day and as soon as the base of the Town Crier sign was carved I grabbed it off the machine and fastened the head to it. The banner and panel with the lettering will be ready later. It looked cool already and I couldn't resist spending a little time adding the rough form for his hat. That lead to plunking on his ears. I then decided his powdered wig needed to be tucked behind them before they hardened. Things might need some adjusting and it is only possible when the sculpting epoxy is soft. It was a fun way to wrap up my workday in the shop before I headed into the house for supper.

As I put down my tools I decided he just had to have one more small detail. It couldn't wait. The tongue needed a little texture to make it believable. Then it was time to go in the house and make some supper.

I can hardly wait to put more attention to the sign.  It's way more fun than actually working. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan