Great white north... NOT

I have to chuckle when I talk to people I meet from south of the border in the USA. Most have heard that Canada is a cold and wintery place. It may well be elsewhere across our nation but here on the west coast where we live it is not the case. It isn't often we see snow in our parts. We are only 60 miles from the ocean and 32 feet above sea level. Both factors moderate our weather to a large degree. But most winters we do see a bit of the white stuff. Today was our day and I hear it is supposed to continue through the first half of the week. I'll be hunkered down in my studio where it is nice and warm. I'll bundle up and venture out to plow the driveway but not because I have to. We have a small tractor and the few inches of snow is a great excuse to play for a while.

The snow does add a whole lot of magic to everything I see out the window. I've been waiting a long time, ready to grab a picture of our little truck by the roadside. I was hoping to include it in my Christmas post but I'll keep it handy for next year. In the meantime I'll share this natural magic with you today. Happy winter - wherever you are.

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment