Decisions, decisions... no problem!

I've learned many important things from Phoebe in the last six years. One of the things I've learned is how to make decisions. If there is a choice, sometimes it is best to take a little of each instead of a bunch of only one. That way you don't miss anything. It works for Phoebe and it works for me too.

Phoebe is enjoying her new tools immensely. Each time she comes into the shop she goes straight to her very own drawer in the toolbox and checks to see the tools are there where she left them. And they always are.

Donna had created some letter decals to label her drawer. To be sure it was perfect Donna made them in three sizes, matching the lettering on the rest of the toolbox drawers, save for the size and color - blue, Phoebe's favorite. It was only right that Phoebe got to choose which version would be on her drawer. I put the decals in Phoebe's drawer for safe keeping. But the last days have been busy and I've only seen Phoebe for brief periods. The decals were forgotten in the drawer.

Today, Phoebe came home from shcool and rushed out to the shop where I was working. I was busy with a client and after saying hello to Phoebe went back to my business. When I went back to talk to her a short while later I noticed she had discovered the decals in the drawer when she checked her tools. She was delighted. The dilemma of which size name to put on the drawer was easily solved. She would simply put on all three. She had previous experience with decals and had no problem peeling off the back and then pressing down the transfer tape until the lettering was secure. She would then carefully peel off the transfer tape, leaving the letters on the drawer. They fit without diffficulty and looked absolutely perfect when she was done!

-grampa dan

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