From dream to reality!

With some of our larger projects that go on for months progress sometimes seem slow to outsiders. The reality is quite different. I and my crew are working on many areas at once. Making room for other trades means we switch jobs regularly, jumping from project to project - a little here - a little there, then back again for more progress. But things are happening and the project is coming together. We are concentrating on the outside entry these last few days days and making good progress. Inside, the carpenters are busy putting up all the wood trim before we begin final paint. Many other details are constanty being sorted out throughout the project and necessary steps taken to put things into motion.

The building has been transformed to look so much like the concept drawings done weeks ago. Only in three dimensions it is pure magic!

Often theme work stops instantly outside of the public areas. We are striving to do better on this project by continuing the theme to all sight lines possible. This is the view into the food preparation area and the kitchen.

In the dining room we are down to final paint. It is coming together at last.

This is what we do on a daily basis and I never get tired of coming to work each day. We get to dream up marvelous ideas and then create what we have dreamed. It is much more fun than working!