The work on the Fox & Hounds Pub project continues on two fronts. We put in as many hours as we can on site of course. But we also are working in the shop prefabricating various pieces. Two signs are currently in production. The first of the beer signs is coming along nicely. The carving is now done and the sculpting about to begin.

These signs will all be at a touchable level. They need to be able to withstand some abuse. With that in mind I glued in a steel rod to reinforce the neck of the turtle. The sculpting epoxy that will form the details is almost as hard and strong. It should be able to handle the endless pats on the head it will get.

The two halves of the restaurant sign are now carved and ready to be glued together. I welded two eye bolts to a steel pipe which will be laminated into the middle - just in case someone decides to do a chin-up on it after a couple of beers. 

The mantle for the restaurant is the next piece on the drawing board and in production. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan