The first day!

The first day of any construction job is exciting. We spent the morning loading the tools into the box trailer, buying supplies and getting some new steel toed boots. It is important to arrive equipped for the job. The worksite was busy, with every square foot of the job in construction. When we arrived at the Fox & Hounds Pub the contractor and his crew were scrambling to get areas ready for our crew to work on in coming days. We are a bit early to start theme work, but there is so much to do we need every minute possible and I am grateful the contractor and the owners are so willing to accommodate our needs.

The first task was to sweep out an area of the floor to claim for our own, then start bringing in the first of many tools and materials that would be required. While Sarah organized things I set about figuring out just how to build the pretty ideas I had sketched on paper. It was time to start making those ideas real! Today our progress wasn't significant, but we did get things organized and laid out. I'll post a picture or two tomorrow of our progress.

-grampa dan