Now almost world famous (Still working on the rich part)

In today's email I received a delightful surprise. I had been corresponding with an editor of a sign trade magazine in the Ukraine for the last weeks. This morning he sent me the proof of the article they are running which features our shop and the work we do. I can't understand a word of it of course for it is written in Russian, but it is an amazing eight page spread in full color! I'm told we will be featured on the cover too!

It makes me smile with a quiet pride, for this is the second truly international article we have been honored with (besides all the USA articles) in the past months. (the last one was in Germany)  Here's the first, middle and last of the eight pages.

I was pleased as punch, and ran into the house to show Janis. She dryly remarked that being world famous was very nice, but she would rather have the rich part of the equation. Our banker seems to agree with her as well. :)

-grampa dan