And the beginning of another era...

My favorite (and only) grand daughter Phoebe, now six, has been a regular in my shop since she was only days old. She loves to help me as much as possible and I absolutely love it when she is able. Phoebe isn't afraid of tools and under my watchful eye has learned to use a number of them. Painting and sculpting are her favorite tasks.

She has made at least a cameo appearance at all of our Sign Magic Workshops and has always insisted on squeezing in amongst the students to work up some projects of her own. This time she was sculpting some new toys (for herself) and also a dinosaur diorama. In this photo she is painting some 'carrion' (her idea) to go with the meat eaters. Other herbivores and flying dinos (with names I could not pronounce) were also part of the display.

She also sat in on one of my lectures this time. I got a look at her notebook afterwards and was amazed to see she had copied the drawings I had done in class as well as made copious notes. This kid is eager to learn and nothing gets by her it seems! But like her grampa her thoughts had obviously wandered during the class and the margins were full of other drawings too.

It seems the next generation of sign makers is stepping up to the plate.

-grampa dan