Playing musical chairs

The pub project is at a most challenging stage. So much is happening at once it seems. We are forced to constantly jump from area to area in order to stay out of other's way. As the carpenters put up trim we go behind them adding final texture to the wall panels, then painting and glazing. Below us the carpet layers are doing the floor. Above us the electrician is removing old lighting fixtures and fans and putting in pot lights. Around us the customers are enjoying all the action, business as usual.

The Pub's new entry is now open. Tables are temporarily set up here. No final glazes on the brickwork are being done here quite yet. 

In the pub fireplace area we are busy with the final finishes, until the carpet layers force us to move on. The pressure is on to finish things before the built in seating arrives later this week. There is still a little woodwork to come as well forcing us to wait a little while longer before the final glazes go on. In the main pub ceiling the electrician still needs to remove old lighting fixtures and fans and also install some new pot lights before we can do final painting there. 


In the stage area the brickwork is now finished and painted. As fast as the woodwork is done we follow behind with texturing, paint and glazing. Things are almost done here.

The brickwork and concrete beam are also painted and glazed near the patio windows.  The last of the woodwork was done there today. I was close behind with the texturing of the plaster. The painting will start in this area tomorrow. 

Big Ben is now in his final place. The wall behind got the texture treatment today as well. This section of wall is now ready for paint.

Progress is rapid now although it isn't in any one area. Because we have to jump around so much it is a little here, a little there all over the work site. But each day a bit more gets crossed off the to do list.