Almost ready

The workshops we do on the road can be tricky to pull off. I arrive in a far away location, unfamiliar with the surroundings, not knowing exactly what I will find. I don't have family and staff handy to make sure everything is ready and to remind me of things I may have forgotten. I am in unfamiliar surroungings, not knowing what tools and supplies are available or where they might be located. Thankfully our hosts are always eager to please and have things laid out as best they can. The samples we will use are all routed and the shop is neat. Tables and chairs are handy, the projector and AV cablles all are ready. The sculpting epoxy I sent ahead is there as are the sheets of Precision Board provided by my supplier. Then the scramble begins.

I have a long list of supplies we need and we search out local suppliers and stores. I defer to my hosts as to which is closer and more apt to carry the things we need. Then we jump in the car and begin our shopping spree in earnest, criss-crossing the city as we gather the supplies, many common items, but some hard to find. These are brought back to the training facility and then everything gets laid out.

Connections are tested, I run through the whole program, making sure everything is in it's proper place and working. Inevitably, some snaffu occurs and another quick trip to town is needed to remedy the situation. Today I discovered I had left a necessary projector connection adapter on my desk at home. Now I have a spare.

Tomorrow, the last day of preparation I'll go through everything one last time, making sure all my reference files are handy and accessible and that I am totally ready. The furniture will be rearanged one more time, the supplies laid out and ready for our guests. 

Thursday morning we begin the real show. I'll be ready!

-grampa dan