Six more

Six more name plaques are now carved for the Sculpting Magic Workshop to be held in October. Some attendees I know well from previous encounters. Others we will meet for the first time when they arrive at our studio. I have no doubt that their personalities will vary as much as the name plaques we are creating. There new now only four more name plaques to create. 

six more.png
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Second batch

The second batch of name plaques is now routed and ready for paint. I look forward to seeing them all in colour and on display for our October Sculpting Magic Workshop attendees!

second batch.png
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Barrels painted

The NEBs Pub project is one we relegated for rainy days, between more pressing outside jobs. Today it rained and the two large barrels got Jenessa's undivided attention. The painting on these beauties is now complete. As soon as we move the large center pieces out of the shop the edge pieces will get bolted back on in readiness or shipping. I can hardly wait to see them all together!

nebs barrels painted.png
nebs barrels painted 2.png
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