More than half mast

Today was a holiday for most of the crew but Norm & Matt volunteered to work on one of the masts for the Viking ships destined for Motiongate in Dubai. The mast was a tricky build with various sized pipes, plasma cut steel plates and some tubing trusses. All of it had to be carefully aligned and welded perfectly straight. For this job we needed some seasoned help and I called in my good buddy Norm from Vancouver Island. We go back with about thirty years of unusual projects. He's the guy who taught me to weld. We made great progress on our first day and almost wrapped up the first of two masts.

Grand central

As we consider each area of NEB's Fun World we refer back to the story on a continual basis. NEB's garden train needed a station. As I designed it I needed something clever to set the scale properly. I had just the clever solution... The hollowed out tree that forms the centre portion of the station building also offers a handy perch where the garden cat loves to hang out and catch a nap.

Shay loci

In my twenties I made a good living doing pen and ink drawings and limited edition prints. My subject of choice was things that were quickly disappearing. One of my favourite subjects was steam trains, specifically the Shay locomotive. My art work was sold in forty galleries across British Columbia. It's been quite a while since I've done that kind of drawing.

Recently, Norm, a good friend of mine asked me to do a drawing of a Shay locomotive. He and some of his buddies are restoring the locomotive in coming months for the British Columbia Forest Museum. They will produce a limited edition print of the drawing which will be sold to raise funds for the project.

It felt good to go back to my roots and do this kind of drawing once more. But there was a difference for this time I did the drawing digitally, on my iPad.