Great energy!

Each workshop we have hosted over the last ten years is shaped largely by those who attend. Each one has been very different. This Sculpting Magic Workshop is high energy and great fun. Many of those in attendance are skilled and experienced. All are ever to learn and share what they know. It is a fun and high energy event. When I came out of the house this morning at 7:30 am some were already parked in the driveway waiting for me to open the door. Almost sixteen hours later we gently coaxed them out the door to have a little rest before we start it all again tomorrow morning. Most of the workshops have been like that and all were so very special!

Workshop eve...

As we welcomed each of the participants to our last Sculpture Magic Workshop I found myself as eager and excited as the very first workshop we hosted almost ten years ago. Back then I wondered how we would fill three long days with things they didn't already know. This time my concern is how we will possible fit everything we want to share inside that brief time. As each student arrived today I could clearly see their eagerness to begin, their excitement to actually be here in our shop. Most have followed us for years, have seen pictures of work and our space online and in the magazines. Now they were actually feeling the magic we get to experience every day. Like the first workshop, and all of them since I seriously take the responsibility to deliver much more than we promise or what they anticipate. We of course will freely share what we do and how we do it. More importantly in my mind is our responsibility to share the excitement and the passion of what drives us and hopefully ignite that same passion inside them. It is going to be FUN!

Last push before the workshop

With the last group of Sculpture Magic Workshop guests due to arrive tomorrow afternoon we were busy trying to push out as much as we could on our last day of production this week. I kept the MultiCam plasma cutter sparking all day and managed to get through thirteen sheets of steel amongst all of the other things that occupied my time through the day. We also took delivery of much of the square tubing we will need for the Viking ships for the Motiongate, Dubai project. The shop is also full of previous cut pieces which we will begin to assemble next week.