Dan has had the shop to himself for the last week as Hailey and I have been exploring New Zealand. Today we stopped by the Lord of the Rings movie set. It is always great to recharge in a creative space and Hobbiton is really well done. Details abound throughout this tiny town - including this garden mailbox.

Next we are heading to Weta's studios and I am looking forward to seeing what they have going on.

Walking on air

We designed and built Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf back in 2000. It was state of the art back then and still looks good to this day. We sold the park after successfully operating it for fourteen years. The new owners hired us to continue the same theme as they greatly expanded the park and added many new rides and attractions over the next years. It was renamed Cultus Lake Adventure Park. 

This year the park is expanding once more. With the boundaries set there was only one way to grow and that was up. They are currently adding a raised boardwalk around the edge of the golf on the east and north side of the park. It certainly changes things in a very big way! I did a tour today and walked the new boardwalk for the first time. The views of the entire park from the boardwalk are spectacular. Underneath the raised boardwalk the golf still works fine and it will provide some welcome shade for the golf in the warm summer months. We'll soon be adding some dimensional signs for the boardwalk and a new kid's ride which will be up on the boardwalk.

Built like a brick outhouse

We've built many imaginative projects through the years including a couple of outhouses. They were features of adventure golfs and were popular too. Two of the project currently under construction are functioning outhouses. Inside they will have modern fixtures but on the outside they will be rustic 'wood', complete with a half moon cutout above the door. These should lat a long time as they feature a heavy welded steel frame and will be sculpted from fibreglass reinforced concrete. As the saying goes 'they are built like a brick outhouse.'