Stopping traffic

We’ve noticed a changing traffic pattern in our little town since we began the construction of the Hazelnut Inn. Locals are walking by a little more, intent on seeing the latest changes. Those who drive by in their cars slow down and often stop for a quick photo. When I am in town and someone notices the logo on our truck doors, instead of asking if we own ‘the house’ in Yarrow, they now ask what we are building next door. With each installation of a large piece the curiosity and anticipation grows. We suspect that the interest will grow dramatically when the rest of the ship and a few other pieces are installed in a couple of weeks. They haven’t seen anything yet!

changing landscape.png

Seven weeks and counting to IAAPA

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions EXPO is now just over seven weeks away and we are busy readying our display booth for this year. We will make a few more small revisions to the display and the centrepiece will be swapped out. The booth now sports a new coat of bright blue paint which we will age and distress next week. We’ll have it ready in plenty of time to transport to the show. Our booth number this year is 856 and we look forward to meeting a lot of new people at the show and saying hello to our long time friends who attend.

blue booth.png

Cut, grind weld... repeat

We’ve got a great start on the main sign for the Hazelnut Inn. The 3D graphic is a hazelnut tree of course. Fabricating the tree meant cutting and welding many hundreds of leaves for the crown. It’s a big job which is made exponentially easier and faster with our MultiCam CNC plasma cutter. I designed the leaves on my computer using EnRoute software, duplicated it enough times to fill a 4’ x 8’ sheet of steel and then let the plasma cutter do it’s work automatically. We’ll repeat the process a whole lot of times to get enough leaves for the job. They need only a little grinding with a sanding disk to make them ready to weld to the top of the tree. Welding the leaves on is taking the longest but we are making quick progress! The double sided sign is going to be a beauty!

start of leaves.png