Working under cover

The boys were working under cover today (sort of) as they installed the teamwork under the eaves of the North Star tower of the Hazelnut Inn. It was definitely tricky work. It took three guys (all weathered in of course) to do the task. Two held the piece in place while the third quickly fastened it into place. The tricky part was fitting into the lift basket. It is amazing how much better the tower looks with the detailed pieces in place! Tomorrow, the weather is forecast to improve some which will make the last pieces a little easier to install. I can hardly wait to see it all done! Stay tuned…

beams being installed on tower.png
installing beams under tower 2.png
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Home sweet home

The more I travel the more I love to come home when we are done. I thoroughly enjoy seeing beautiful scenery wherever we go and every place is enjoyable. But inevitably as we leave the airport on our return the air smells so good, and the backdrop of the mountains behind the city is breathtaking. Out in the valley where we live, far from the city, the mountain behind our house puts always puts on an extra special show as the sun sets to welcome us home. I will never tire of it.

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More colour

I try at least a couple of times each week to spend a little time on the Sign Invitational piece. The top portion storey is fully sculpted and largely painted now with the base colours. I am starting the glazing which adds age and character. It’s a process that takes time because of all of the crazy detail but it is a whole lot of fun. The first of the lettering has been added to the brick wall on one side identifying the clock factory. Like historical buildings of this era there is a lot more to come. Stay tuned…

jan 20 progress.png
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