When it rains...
  1. There’s a song that says ‘it never rains in California, but when it rains it really pours.’ It’s true. The good news is that it makes for very short lines in the park which allows us to enjoy it even more. We are used to a little rain because we live in a rain forest back home. My phone just sent out a flash flood warning… but no worries for we are nice and dry in the hotel room. Maybe tomorrow we’ll see the sun.

Dan SawatzkyComment
Painting a Castle

The paint for the Copper Crown’s bedroom tower is rapidly coming together. We opted for four base coats (nobody wants to repaint it once it’s on top of the castle!). The stone around the window has its first blend coat and we will begin glazing very soon. I am looking forward to seeing it installed!

Peter SawatzkyComment
Yee haw!

Janis & I love to visit the Disney parks. We strongly feel they are actually made for grownup kids like us. We spent the day at California Adventure sampling old favourites and enjoying the new things too. I love the attention to the small details right down to how long every third blink of the yellow light at the main intersection in Radiator Springs in Car’s Land. every third light blink is indeed a hair longer than the other two - just like it is suggested in the first animated movie.

janis & dan 3.png
Dan SawatzkyComment