Crown and Pin Pub

Jenessa has been hard at work on the pub signs. The Crown and Pin Pub sign which Peter designed and fabricated now has all of it's base coats in place. Look closely at the wall bracket and you will see the flour-de-lis subtly echoed there. The final steps are the aging glazes on the bowling pin and bracket. The sign started out advertising whiskey but the owners of NEBs liked it so much they went with Crown and Pin for the name of the pub. It was a simple matter to sub out the word 'whiskey' with 'Pub' to make it official. Well done Peter and Jenessa!

Pack, unpack, repack

Last week I had a ticket in my hand for a trip to Dubai to consult on the installation of the Viking ships we built this past summer and shipped there. At the last minute delays on the site meant my journey was rescheduled for this coming weekend. With new tickets in hand my excitement was building all week once more. But yesterday I received word of more delays and the trip was once more postponed. Theme parks are difficult to build without a doubt. The only constant in our world is change. The trip to Dubai will most likely be rescheduled after our trip to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions EXPO in Orlando in mid-November. The good news however is that the delays in Dubai leave just enough time to squeeze in a quick trip to Trinidad to check on the progress of our theme park project there!

Not a garden variety sign!

Jenessa was put in charge of the painting of the gnome sign. When she asked me what I wanted I simply directed her to make it look good. She knew just how to tackle it. The fictitious drink was named after a garden gnome and the colours reflect this delicious pun. The purpose of the sign is solely to tell the story of the establishment, This it does it brilliantly. Thanks to Jenessa for dong such a great job in bringing this sign to life with paint!