Train models complete

Today Jenessa glued on the last of the small pieces and painted on the final brush strokes of paint to finish off the two train models. She then glued the bases on and they were done! We still await the final measurements so we can begin the construction of the full size train.

Standing guard

The plasma cut dino skeleton was to have been a mailbox holder for Phoebe and her mom but their landlord desired something a little less 'out there'. No problem, we'll think up something else. That meant the dinosaur needed a new home. We've long pondered what to do about the endless stream of curious passers-by wandering onto our property. We decided a 'By Appointment' sign was much friendlier than 'KEEP OUT' or 'PRIVATE PROPERTY'. But it needed a holder that would draw attention to the sign. The dino was modified slightly to grip the sign in it's clutches. The sign still needs one more glaze and the lettering needs a coat of white paint but it is almost ready to head out to the road to stand guard.