Sculpting almost done

With the 2017 Sign Invitational now only a little more than three weeks distant the pressure is on to finish my entry for this year. We've been so busy in the shop with customer's projects and life in general that this project has slipped between the cracks for the last month. But with the time needed for shipping the reality is that it needs to be finished this coming week. I managed a little time in the past week to do some sculpting and am now almost done. The sign painter perched precariously on the swing stage is now sculpted. It is time to begin painting the hard to reach areas so I can permanently fasten the wheels and riving rods onto the engine. There are of course a few more surprises in store to take the piece over the top in time for the show. Stay tuned...

Barking up the right tree

Today's agenda was the bark on the Bug Whirled tree for the PNE project. The concrete sculpting on the tree is now complete as it is for the PNE project.Now we are down to the small details before heading into paint. 

Woodn't it be fun!

To sculpt a tree we start with the bare wood areas. Yesterday we carved the upper bare branches. Today we concentrated on the bare roots and knots. Tomorrow we will do the remaining areas of the tree with bark. To get the detail we want it is a time consuming process covering every square inch of the tree.We also need to work quickly as concrete waits for no one. To achieve the textures we need we use a variety of tools including stiff brushes, pointing tools, bent wire, and soft brushes. The Bug Whirled sign is quickly coming together!