Workshop video

We sure enjoyed last week's Sculpture Magic Workshop and received back a great many favourable comments from our guests. During the workshop we had our friends from Inmist film the event so they could produce a short video to promote future workshops. Today that video was released. Thanks to everyone who attended the workshop and also the great crew at Inmist for capturing the magic of those days!

The good old days!

The Inmist crew filmed our recent workshop and are assembling a short video to promote future workshops. As part of that project they asked me to provide some old photographs of our early days in business. I searched through our archives and came across some great photos. I was reminded of our humble beginnings and the long journey to where we are today. My search through old photos also brought back some wonderful memories of good times. 

For more than a decade I travelled across Canada and the USA painting more than one hundred and twenty historical murals. Each summer, when school was out we logged tens of thousands of miles on working holidays, criss crossing the countryside to get to the far flung towns and cities where we would do our work. The kids (and Janis too on occasion) would climb the tall scaffolds with me and paint beside me.  They were indeed the good old days.

Sinking our teeth into a model

It is not very often our projects require study models but once in a while they are necessary. It's a fun job! A current project requires several and today I began the job of creating the beginning pieces. On larger projects we weld up structural frames and then sculpt over this. For much smaller models the process is a little different. The shape is quickly blocked out using rough cut foam. It is glued up and then we add a skin of sculpting epoxy with all of the details. Here's the first building blocks for the sunken ship model.

ship hull rough.png