Posts and beams

We are down to the last pieces of the NEB's bowling alley project. This week we sculpted the last of the beams and the first two of twelve large posts. While Peter and the crew are busy polishing off this project I am busy in the studio designing the next fun phase of the project... soon to be revealed.

Ready to install

Our painters finished the three Cultus Lake Boardwalk signs today. They look spectacular! On Monday we'll load them into the truck and do the installation.

This way and that

With the modular home now in place and all the hookups done it is time to make it look a little less like a big box. The shaping of the ground was first and the expansive rolling lawn area is coming along nicely. With the grades firmly set we needed to form up the sidewalks next. As with all of the other elements of our yard there will be no straight lines. Sweeping curves rule the day. Tonight I set the longest of the concrete forms. They define the edge of the walkway and the front edge of the patio.