Easy over

With the new MultiCam plasma cutter on the way we needed a new concrete pad at the back of the shop. Getting a concrete truck back there wasn't possible. The only solution was to send the concrete mix over to top. The placing crew did a wonderful job getting the slab perfectly smooth.

A day long T.E.A. party

To be able to share a conversation with someone of like interests is rare and a real treat. Without fail these people are passionate about their craft and love to share their experiences. To be able to share a day with fifty people in our business is a wonderful experience! Today was just such a day. Peter and I travelled to Vancouver to participate in the Themed Entertainments Association's Vancouver Experience. It was a long day of interaction with fifty of the top people in the northwestern division of T.E.A. with delegates from the Pacific Northwest (and well beyond). We got to visit with some great friends and also made many new contacts. While we networked and shared stories we travelled by bus to visit four of Vancouver's top attractions for a backstage tour. It was very informative and entertaining and a day well spent! THANKS to the many organizers of this well planned event!!

Work at it's best!

Once in a while we'll host a group tour of our shop. It is an opportunity to share what we do and at the same time learn from others in our industry. Today the marketing and operations departments from WhiteWater Industries dropped in for a visit. Whitewater is the largest waterpark supplier and builder in the world. We toured the shop, then jumped over to Peter and Hailey's place to see a different style. Then it was off to a local restaurant for lunch and some sharing of ideas. We wrapped things up with a visit to Cultus Lake Adventure Park of course.

Our day couldn't be complete without at least one ride and after a group vote we decided to do a rapid overview of the park on the Runaway Mine Train coaster. A fun time was had by all!