It's a circus parade!

With help from the crew to mix the sculpting epoxy I managed to polish off the sculpt of the giraffe and get a good start on the hippopotamus. Becke was busy putting the base coats on the train elephant engine. It is way beyond colourful and definitely looks like a circus train! The three pieces together are a whole lot of fun. By noon tomorrow the sculpting should be done. The mechanical animal circus cars are designed to look good, no matter what direction they are approached from.

Elephant delight.

I spent an enjoyable day finishing off the sculpt of the elephant engine. It turned out better than the drawing! Becke put on a textured coat of primer and tomorrow she'll begin laying on the colour. I can hardly wait!

Coming out a head

It was officially a day of rest and quiet in the shop but sometimes that is the most enjoyable time to do a little puttering in the creative space. I did manage an hour of sculpting - just for fun. I decided to sculpt the head of the giraffe and made good progress. Tomorrow we'll do up the bulk of the rest and perhaps start the hippopotamus car too in order to make it a real train of substance.