Let there be light

It's fun to rummage through our parts bins and scrap steel to come up with most of the pieces I needed to build a lantern for a mini golf hole marker. The rest of the steel shapes I needed were quickly cut on the CNC plasma cutter from bits of scrap steel plate. The lantern needed to be extremely sturdy for guests who will interact with the feature will be carrying golf clubs and often aren't afraid to use them.Once complete the steel sculpture was welded to the frame of the stump armature. It won't go anywhere. The stump will be sculpted with fibreglass reinforced concrete.

number 10 lamp armaure.png

Almost ready to roll.

I worked on the little tractor a little in the afternoon today and and in that time finished the handlebars, and fabricated and mounted the engine crank, muffler, gauges and throttle. Only a couple small things are left before we declare this little gem ready for paint!

details on on.png

Fun twist on an old favourite

We have about a dozen projects in various stages of completion in our shop currently. Some are relatively simple while others are more complex. Two of the projects have moving parts - a rarity in our shop. One of our customers requested a windmill as a golf feature. It's a classic of old but we decided to approach it in an unconventional manner. 

Initially we considered electric power but with the fan blades so close to the ground we decided it was simply too dangerous. The second option was to install a hand crank to power the blades. Instead of only four we'll make it an eight bladed windmill. Guests will be able to turn the crank to effect their competition's play. It's a fun twist on an old favourite.

windmill tower copy.png