Hangman's tree

The last large piece to be built for Trinidad is huge! Because it is to be shipped in a container to Trinidad we had to break it into three sections. Today the bottom two pieces received their coat of sculpted concrete. Golfers will shoot their balls into his mouth and the treasure buried deep inside.

tree bottom mudded.png

Ready for fun

When my friends and family hear I bought a jeep they smile knowingly and make some comment about 'another midlife crisis'. It's far too late for that. Midlife was quite some time ago. The Jeep now has new bumpers, sliders and tube doors. The top is off as well. And you can bet I simply had to take it for a spin as soon as we were done bolting on the new parts. As I drove leisurely down the road in the sunshine I simply had to smile for it was a whole lot of fun. After driving automatics for decades it was a delight to shift the gears by hand too. With the wind rushing by and a wide open view I was reminded of the last time I drove such a vehicle thirty-five years ago.

It's all in the details

They say it is all in the details. I'm a believer! The signs for the new rides up at Cultus Lake Adventure Park are once again over the top.  The painting crew are having fun with every detail and as the color goes on they just look better every minute!