Half wrecked

Work is now proceeding with great speed on two fronts. Up at the Cultus Lake Adventure Park the welding, wiring and sculpting is going full blast. In the shop paint magic continues to be applied. The front of the shipwreck is now finished and ready to slide into the container. The back half of the ship isn't far behind.

First onsite mud.

It is always exciting when the construction of a theme park shifts from the shop to onsite work. The welding with a minimal crew started a few days ago followed by a second crew doing the wiring. Today more crew joined us and the first concrete was troweled on and then carved. The first project was a sixty foot wall under the fence. Tomorrow the mudding crew will move to hole one of the adventure golf while the rest of us races to stay ahead with the welding of the armatures and wiring. The weather forecast looks great in the next days and we plan to make the best of it!

first concrete work.png


I don't like to admit that I make mistakes but on occasion they do happen. I designed the Blasting Barrels sign months ago. The owner approved it but then decided to drop the 'g' to make it Blastin' Barrels. I received the memo but promptly forgot. When it came time to make the sign I looked up the original artwork and then set things in motion. The framework was welded up and assembled and the sign was routed, glued up and mounted. The client dropped by for a peek as he often does and thankfully noticed the sign before we sculpted the barrels. He suggested I simply grind off the 'g' as best I could but there was only one thing to do. Start over.

Today we finished the sculpting of the barrels and as I looked at it I was so glad we did it properly. This sign is too cool to do it half way. Now it will go to the paint department for finishing.