Back on island time

When I left Skallywag Park ten days ago things were beginning to ramp up quickly. It was like many projects of this type. Progress seems slow as all of the infrastructure, underground conduits, drainage footings and retaining walls are built. When the work progresses beyond this stage it seems like things are progressing much faster. The reality is that the progress is visually faster for the work you see is going vertical. and the steps they are taking are the final ones, built overtop of the starting work. When I left the site ten days ago they were just finishing the pour of the bumper boat pool. Other areas of the park were quickly shaping up as well. Where we formerly walked in mud there is now largely concrete in many areas.

This evening I arrived back on the island to oversee the work being done in the adventure golf area. We placed many of the features last visit and since then I'm told the crews have done much of the shaping of the ground in these areas. It is our hope that in the next few days the crews will begin the pouring of the greens at last.  I'll be laying out these areas and overseeing many more finishing steps around the park. Stay tuned for some exciting pictures over the next few days...

pouring pool 3.png

Mine car extraordinaire!

Designing projects is always a whole lot of fun. Supervising complex projects is always a challenge and I enjoy that process as well. I thoroughly enjoy helping to lead a wonderful and talented team as they work on projects which I have imagined along with Peter. But the most fun aspect of my job is to roll up my sleeves and actually build a project - at least once i n a while. If I get to do it from start to finish that is even better yet. It doesn't happen often but this past week I got such a chance. The team was busy in the shop building the big mine shaft and surrounding mountain. I snuck out to the metal fabrication area to build the mine car. The design process was relatively quick and the MultiCam CNC plasma cutter made short work cutting the scores of bits and pieces from the 1/4" and 1/8" plate steel.

My task was to fit the many pieces together, tack them into place and then pull some nice long beads of welding to make it a seamless fabrication. It is a magical process to pull my welding helmet down and get in the groove. The project came together quicker than I imagined, in less than three days time including the design and fabrication. That was even including all of the inevitable interruptions to do other daily tasks and meetings. We'll still do a little sculpting to build the rolled of rocks inside the bucket and a base around the bottom but this looks to be the fanciest hole marker ever for an adventure golf! 

mine car 2.png
mine car 3.png

Amazing crew project!

We are exceptionally proud of every member of our crew for each of them is an amazing person. This past summer Jenessa was asked by her church to take on a project that would transform the children's ministry room. She did the design and all the organizing of the project. To do the theme work she asked a number of our current and former employees to help her and together they did a fabulous job. TJ, also a former member of our crew, put together a time lapse video of the project. Enjoy!