It is extremely gratifying to direct the Trinidad crew as they place each piece of the park together. We sort through the remaining pieces and then use the zoom boom (tele handler) to lift and place them on their respecive footings. With the many labourers and types of equipment working in the ever shrinking workspace it is a constant and challenging dance. Spirits are high onsite as the vision becomes more real each day.

play park from ramp.png
golfing sign.png

It feels like a tropical Christmas

It's very strange to hear Christmas music in the car as we travel to the Trinidad worksite. The temperature tops ninety every day and lush tropical vegetation is everywhere. But as we work through the heat of the day it feels a lot like we are unwrapping Christmas presents as each sign and feature are gently lowered into their permanent homes in Skallywag Bay. It's been at least two long years since these pieces left our shop and many of them were never fully assembled previously.  Everything is fitting together seamlessly and the lift points all worked out beautifully so far.

installing train sign.png

Visual pun

We are currently in the preliminary concept design stage of a gold mining themed project. As we tossed ideas around we came up with a great visual pun. Rather than design conventional historic mining equipment we decided to do up some fun original ideas instead. We developed a single tracked vehicle with all manner of attachments. Mining has never been so much fun!!

one track mine company.png