Concept magic

As part of our display at the International Association of Parks and Attractions EXPO I sat at a small desk to one side and worked on some preliminary interior design concepts for the Hazelnut Inn. It was a way of showcasing our design capabilities. Between talking to many who dropped I managed to do four drawings. These drawings further explored possible ideas for the North Star and the Underhill suites. We are getting much closer to the final ideas we will actually construct. With the three suites soon to be at lockup stage it won’t be long until these ideas (or better ones) become very real.

hot tub surround.png
north star railing.png
underhill fireplace.png
underhill wall detail.png
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That's a wrap!

It’’s been a busy week in Orlando at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions EXPO. We’ve met with many old friends and new and talked to thousands of people along the way. When the show closed we folded the sides of our booth in, wrapped up the carpets and tucked things away in their place. We then zip tied on the front barrier and we were on our way in less than three quarters of an hour. That marked the end of another great adventure. We are joyfully headed home again tomorrow!

wrapped up.png
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IAAPA EXPO presentation

My IAAPA EXPO teaching session yesterday about ‘The Importance of Storytelling for Smaller Parks’ went extremely well. There were many more attendees present than I anticipated and we received a lot of very positive feedback after the session and all day today on the trade floor at our booth. I appreciate the positive comments and encouragement from those who talked to me! It was an honour to speak of a subject I am so passionate about!

dan speaking at IAAPA.png
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