I could poke my eye out!

Each time I travel from my studio into the workshop I never quite know what to expect. Just about anything is possible. I typically walk very fast which can be a huge challenge at times as I have no depth perception. The crew often has a good laugh as I stumble around and bump into things on occasion. Last week I came roaring through the studio doorway into the shop and was greeted with the GIANT klaw of the Kraken. The crew had rearranged the shop once more.

I had to admit I was a teensy bit startled.

The eyes have it

The Skallywag Bay Adventure Park will have the coolest mountain in the middle. Monkey Rock will look over as the highest point in the park. It first lived only in my imagination. Then I sketched the ideas on paper.

Next came the study model to guide the rock builders.

Then the rock guys at Rock Werx started the build.  They've been at it over month and worked their way up from the bottom. Of late they have been working on the top portion. Today I received some pictures of progress.

Robot on the move

With the MultiCam lectern now pretty much done I've turned my attention to the router robot. We fabricated the table/base portion last week. Now it is on to the fun bits.

The first task is to weld up a steel frame and then laminate all of the pretty pieces around it. As with pretty much all of our creations the detailed planning is to design as we build. We made good progress. By tomorrow he should have his arms in place.