The wonderful sights of Trinidad

It has been a busy week in Trinidad. We spent a lot of time at the worksite and in meetings discussing the intricacies of building Skallywag Bay with owners, builders, and various contractors. It was exciting to see the progress and map out the future work.

But there was also a little lime for drives on the island too seeing this rich and colourful land. In six weeks I will return once more and on that trip we will start turning a construction site into an actual theme park. I can hardly wait!

Big day on site

It was a big day on site as they poured the concrete for the walkway across the top of the train station. One more giant slab will finish the bulk of the structure work and make way for the beginning of the theme work. In six weeks I return to start placing the features and a bit later the rock team will begin placing the rock panels on the monkey rock climbing structure. Around that same time we will begin shaping the ground in a serious fashion as well. The days of the site being dead flat are almost behind us. I climbed the stockpile mountain of gravel they have already amassed to take this panorama shot this afternoon. Late tomorrow night I begin my journey home for a very brief stay before heading off to Dubai for another great Viking ship adventure. It's going to be fun!

Building the complicated cake

Building a theme park is much like building a very elaborate cake. The inside of the cake is not fancy and takes the bulk of the time. Once that is done we will apply the fancy icing that makes all the fun. The crews in Trinidad are now towards the end of the cake baking part. The hundreds of icing components are tucked safely inside the thirty shipping containers that are lined up around the edge of the building site. The construction shot below is the concrete infrastructure for the decorated part illustrated in the concept below. By the time I return in January the site will be ready for the decorating (and fun) work to begin.