Last area to get tile

It's been a little more than two months snce my last post on this blog. In the shop we've been crazy busy on a very large project. Two workshops and tho international trips have also taken up my time. Even so we have been workng on the house a few times each week as time permits. Mirrors have been hung and shelving has been installed.The painting through the house is now largely complete as well.

With Christmas now quickly approaching we promised ourselves to put the push on to complete a few of the last areas of the interior. One of these areas is the tile work in the front entry. With the last of the trim in place and the painting done it was time and I had some time. It will take a few days, Today I laid as many of the whole tiles as I could.

front entry tile.png

In the next while I'll cut the edge tiles and fit everything into place, then glue the last of them into place leaving only the grout to finish things off. I'm sure looking forward to that very last tile!

-grampa dan