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Big changes

Since my last post we've been very busy on the house. Much of the trim is now finished on the exterior. The sidewalks have now all been poured. New fence separates the yard from the driveway. More rail road tracks have been laid and the driveway has been blacktopped. We also laid turf on most of the dirt, finishing off the yard. Shrubs and flowers are in place as well. The place is looking pretty good.

sic sign.png
house August 15.png
fence tree post.png
house door.png
front door complete.png
patio trim complete.png
back of house and yard.png
studio from driveway.png

There's still lots to do and we will continue working as we have time. Stay tuned for more...

-grampa dan

Get ready... set.... GO!

With spring quickly approaching the days are getting longer - or at least the daylight hours. But with the shop full of work and the house requiring lots of time and attention the days seem far too short at times. The good news is we are getting lots done. The new house is coming along nicely.

Tomorrow, (Monday) the ventilation crew will be working on the air exchange system, putting in all of the grills and vents. The fellows from Richard's Plumbing and Heating will also be working on the infloor heat and control systems. The electricians from C and S Electric will be on hand making the final connections for the LED lighting system as well. And the Boughen boys will be putting in trim all week. We'll do our best to work around them spashing on the paint and laying the tile floors. 

We are also busy in the shop with all kinds of cool projects including three more contractor lawn signs that will soon be out front of the house. They include Boughen Contracting, Marr-Tech Kitchens and Turner Closets.

yard signs in paint.png

It is going to be BUSY - just as I like it!

-grampa dan

Time for doors

One of the huge benefits of the house project is the wonderful people we meet along the way. They come to work on our dream and in the process become friends. They each add their unique skills and talents to the project making it better in the process. 

Tomorrow a new friend begins work on the house. Brent Boughen is a finish carpenter and his first job will be to hang the many doors through the house. Once that project is done he will help us with some of the finishing work as well.

boughen construction.png

Tomorrow the rooms will begin to get their doors and the house will change yet again.

-grampa dan

This is the place

We have a small plaque in our entry that reads...

"There is no place anywhere near this place that is like this place - so this must be the place."  The saying sure fits our place without a doubt.

Today, things were busy - and that was without doing much actual work. Hailey's drafting class came for a tour of the house, eager to see the many features we had designed into it. It was my pleasure to give twenty-four students and two teachers a tour of the shop and house. While the theme work certainly caught their interest they also were pleased to see the many green features we had built into the project. The house is a great teaching tool, because it offers a first hand look at many of the modern technologies they have studied in class.

We did manage to do some work on the house today. The trim pieces continue to recieve the glazes. The address marker was the first to be completed. It will go up tomorrow letting folks know that this is indeed the place (in case they didn't already know).  :)

address painted.png

Upstairs we started in on the ceiling strapping. The whole ceiling in this area will be strapped with strips of half inch thick plywood, following the curves of the ceiling trusses. In the left side of the picture the sprayed foam still needs triming before we can strap that area. The area to the left in the picture will house the end of a built-in king size bed with adjustable shelving built in on either side.

upstairs strapping 1.png

Below the lightly textured plasterwork we will be installing vertical panelling with a heavy baseboard. An engineered cork/vinyl floor of commercial grade will ensure durability and ease of maintenance. It will be of a dark woodgrain and slightly textured pattern. We are in the process of selecting the colors we will use for each area as well as the theme for each room we do.

-grampa dan


Every house needs a street number and so does our new one. We weren't about to go to the hardware store to get some typical cast or vinyl ones however. We decided to route our address into some Precision Board high density urethane with a layered heart background of course and work it into the similar house trim. 

address marker.png

The marker will go on the front wall right where the bright orange building permit currently is fastened.

September 15.png

It is one more small detail that will make this house extra special.

-grampa dan

Wired for sound

When it is time to seriously plan for electrical and electronic services and equipment you know things are really moving along with the new house and it is that time. There were so many choices and options when it came to who would do our electrical. We opted to go with a company we've been dealing with for many years. C & S Electric is based right here in Yarrow. Steve and his crew have done electrical work in our shop, mostly in relation to the CNC router. What I love about Steve is his friendly manner and willingness to give us what we want and need. He is a professional, looking out for our best interest. We look forward to continuing to work with him and his team!


We are also going to need expertise in prewiring and installing a great system in the new house. Steve has a branch of his company that can professionally handle that for us as well. We look forward to a wonderful new system in the house that we will enjoy for many years to come.


The seemingly countless pieces of the puzzle are coming together.

-grampa dan

More signs

Many of the contractors and suppliers for our new house have signs out front to advertise their participation. They were selected only after lots of research and we are very proud to have them a part of our project. But we asked they not display the typical coroplast signs on our project. The signs displayed had to be of the same quality that we do on a regular basis. We made each of them a dimensional version of their logo. They will get to keep the sign when the project is done.

sarah painting penhold's sign.png
peter welds signs to base.png

More signs are being added on a regular basis as we bring more folks on board.

-grampa dan

Windows with a view

Today was a day of many meetings and lots of important decisions. After lots of research and looking at many options we have decided to go with innotech windows + doors for our new house. The windows are gorgeous, and extremely well made. With the unusual design of our house, the windows and doors are all custom and have to be hand made by a skilled craftsman, many with rounded sides and tops. We were looking for a company we could work with to ensure we only had to do it once. The windows are European style, tilt and turn, for the upmost in comfort and security. The north side (closest to the road) will be triple glazed. All the windows have a triple seal to keep out noise, the cold and the weather. Best of all, the windows and exterior doors will be manufactured only fifteen miles down the road in the next town.

innotech sign.png

One more of many, many decisions are now behind us.

-grampa dan 

Another item scratched off the list

Today we applied for the building permit at long last. The plans are drawn, the engineering is done, the septic field permit is in hand and all the necessary steps have been fulfilled. We are told the permit will be issued in about a week and then we can begin actually pouring concrete.

In the meantime the work will continue. The excavator will dig a big hole in the front yard tomorrow. We'll also pull the porch off the old house and move all of the organic dirt around the side as well. We'll put it to good use later as we shape the yard when construction is done.

Two of the signs for the contractors are now done, ready to put in place when the construction begins.

harolds sign.png
logix sign.png

The excitement builds as the countdown to construction continues...

-grampa dan

Making flat into 3D

Today, we carved the sign for the LOGIX block supplier. Typically we design almost everything we make with the dimensional aspects of the sign designed in from the start. The trick on this little project was to interpret a previously designed corporate logo into a three dimensional sign. It came out pretty cool and will look even better painted.

logix sign assembled.png

I can hardly wait to show it to Patrick!

-grampa dan


Today we had another meeting with the builder to determine where the new gas lines for the house would be located. In the process we also have to relocate all the services to the old house. The meeting went well and all concerns were addressed. As the meeting ended I told our builder there was one more item we had to discuss.

harolds contraction.png

I know the contractor generally puts up a temporay sign on each construction site. I told him it would NOT be allowed on our site. At least not his typical coroplast sign. I offered no expanation but asked him to come with me to the shop. His face brightened immensely as I showed him the new sign we were building for him. It was to be dimensional of course and featured his long time logo with a whole new look.

harolds sign routed.jpg

Over the next few days we'll be painting it up in the correct colors and it will be ready to hang proudly just in time for Harold and his crew to start construction.

They say a good sign is a sign of good business.

-grampa dan