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Featured in Belgium

The house was again featured in an international architectural magazine - this time in Belgium. I ran the copy through the google translator and it is a French translation of a similar article printed in South Africa. Our favorite house is getting publicity world wide it seems.

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 11.20.50 PM.png
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All this attention (and the warmer spring weather too) makes us want to get busy and finish the outside very soon.

-grampa dan

Featured in South Africa!

Janis & I designed and built our house to suit our needs and tastes. We built it for ourselves to live comfortably and enjoy.

There is still plenty to be done, primarily to the outside before we are finished. We still need to create some outside trim. The concrete porches, sidewalks and patios are still to be poured. The landscaping isn't even started. Even so, the house is getting lots of attention. Late last year I did an interview with a writer from England who was working for the makers of our routing software. Tonight, as I was sourcing the hits to our website I found a link to an architectural Magazine in South Africa. Our house was one of the featured projects in a current issue of the magazine.

south africa magazine article magazine header.png
south africa magazine article.png

It seems that if we simply follow our passion one never knows where it may travel.

-grampa dan

Imagining less - seeing more

From the very start of our house project and indeed long before that with our shop, interest has been intense in our property from all who pass by. Each day dozens and dozens of cars (and even a tour bus once in a while) stop by the side of the road to take a look. Many get out of their cars to take pictures. When we are out in the yard, I and the crews working on the house have answered countless questions. On weekends many folks actually drive onto the yard, curious about what they glimpse from the road. The overwhelming questions? What is this place? What do we do here? Are you open for tours?

The standard (and true) answers are - it is our personal home (the new building) and our private workshop (the large building out back). We build theme signs and environments. And no, unfortunately, we are not open for tours. For those interested in actually having us design and make them something I do offer a quick tour of the shop and studio in the interest of helping them understand how we create our magic. The new house has been largely off limits to all but family and friends.

Even so, each day someone is lucky enough to get a tour through the new building. We are, after all, still very excited about the project and eager to share our dream. In the beginning we kept plans and drawings handy for reference. Those who toured had to use their imagination a whole lot as we described in detail the many wonderful features we planned to build into the house. Now, as more and more details get added each day those who visit have to use their imaginations less and less. They can now see what our dream looks like, both inside and out. There is still plenty of work to do and many things to add of course. Over the next couple of months it will come together in a big way.

Each time we go to the bank, visit the grocery store or stop for gas we are asked if there will be an open house. People are eager to take a look inside. We have yet to make a final decision but we are thinking we may perhaps open up the house for a few hours one day shortly before we move our personal things in. It would be our way of thanking everyone who has encouraged us along the journey to our dream. The reality is a whole lot cooler than the pictures show by far! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan


I often get asked why we would put so much energy and effort into our new house and build something so different from the norm. People frequently ask me if we are concerned about the resale value. And many of course some worry about what people might think if they were to do such a thing.

We designed and are building our new house because it is our personal dream. This is the kind of house we WANT to live in. It suits our needs and desires. All good reasons in our mind. Each time I stand back to look at the result of our efforts it makes me smile a big old smile. I suspect it will for as long as it stands. We weren't concerned about what other people may think. This is our house not theirs.

Our small acreage is perfect for the unique building, somewhat distanced from our neighbors, not in the middle of a subdivision where it would stick out like a sore thumb. We aren't building this house to resell. We are in fact building it with wide hallways, big doors, fully wheelchair accessible - just in case we need these features in our old age, hopefully many years in coming. When it comes time to sell, we'll move on, knowing we've had a chance to live out our wildest dream - with no regrets.

The house is of course designed to serve as a calling card for our business - a giant 'sign' out by the road. It uses every technique we have mastered through the more than forty years we have been in business and a few new tricks we have invented - just for this project. It is designed to gather attention and showcase our work. It does all that in a very grand fashion.

I know for a fact that many are talking about our house project, both locally and much further afield. Every single day scores of people take the time and effort to stop their cars as they drive by and take pictures. Hopefully they show the pictures to their family and friends or post them to facebook or elsewhere on the internet - and in the process provide us free advertising for our business. The house (far from complete) has already brought us new business.

The house will undoubtably garner a lot of media attention in coming years. That has started already. Today our local city paper (Chilliwack Times) printed a full page article that featured our house in construction. The article talks about the house of course, but also speaks of our business and our many imaginative projects in equal space - all free advertising that would be very expensive to purchase. Positive editorial ink is many times more valuable than advertising!

first article.png

Each day we see many smiling faces and lots of friendly waves. Many stop to tell us they love the new house and it's bold and unique styling. In a few months we'll get to move in and enjoy the inside space and keep making it ever more special to us. Family and friends will join us as we use it to it's full capability. 

WHen we move in we will indeed truly be living the dream!

To read the Chilliwack Times article go to BEYOND IMAGINATION

-grampa dan