Featured in South Africa!

Janis & I designed and built our house to suit our needs and tastes. We built it for ourselves to live comfortably and enjoy.

There is still plenty to be done, primarily to the outside before we are finished. We still need to create some outside trim. The concrete porches, sidewalks and patios are still to be poured. The landscaping isn't even started. Even so, the house is getting lots of attention. Late last year I did an interview with a writer from England who was working for the makers of our routing software. Tonight, as I was sourcing the hits to our website I found a link to an architectural Magazine in South Africa. Our house was one of the featured projects in a current issue of the magazine.

south africa magazine article magazine header.png
south africa magazine article.png

It seems that if we simply follow our passion one never knows where it may travel.

-grampa dan