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Fifteen years in the making

One of the necessities of owning a business is having a commercial garbage container. It needs to be located in a place the giant garbage truck can easily get to which place ours right in front of the house. That simply wouldn't do. Our solution was to construct a building to house the unsightly garbage bin. Only this building looks a lot like a giant mountain, complete with a gnarly tree on top. The steep slopes have built in planters at various levels which will overflow with such vegetation soon. At the back of the mountain is another set of doors which swing open to reveal the garden tractor and all of the yard tools. We actually started the garbage bin project right after we bought the property fifteen years ago. But the location for the house and driveway were not yet finalized. We fabricated the tree and framework for the mountain and then put the brakes on the project pending a final decision of location. The mountain was moved four times before we settled on this location. After the new house was largely complete work commenced one more on the garbage mountain. Each year we get a little more complete. In the next few days the sculpted concrete sculpting will be finished and painting can begin at last!

garbage bin.png
garden tractor shed.png
Twenty knees installed

We continue to work on the house, finishing small details. Our daughter Becke and Grant are having their wedding celebration in the yard this coming weekend. That event motivated the completion of many house projects. The backyard fences are now complete and all of the sod is now laid. The lawn is now about an acre in size which the grandkids absolutely love! Today we installed the last twenty knees under the eves of the house. They complete the side of the house facing the back yard. :) I still have to install the front knees which are all cut and carved. They should be painted and ready to install in the next few weeks. It's been a very long journey to get the house this far.

knees installed.png
knees installed 2.png
Getting there

We've been working on our new house for almost four years now. Thankfully, we are down to a few small details now and I do my best to work on something each week. The house is a delight to live in and with the delivery of some new furniture is feeling a lot more finished these days. 

Today, as the sun streamed in beautifully through the large south facing dining room windows I snapped the first picture of the completed room. 

The bridge overhead separates and spans the living and dining rooms. It leads to the grand kid's playroom. In the back corner is the hollowed out tree with a 'secret' staircase leading upstairs.

Big changes

Since my last post we've been very busy on the house. Much of the trim is now finished on the exterior. The sidewalks have now all been poured. New fence separates the yard from the driveway. More rail road tracks have been laid and the driveway has been blacktopped. We also laid turf on most of the dirt, finishing off the yard. Shrubs and flowers are in place as well. The place is looking pretty good.

sic sign.png
house August 15.png
fence tree post.png
house door.png
front door complete.png
patio trim complete.png
back of house and yard.png
studio from driveway.png

There's still lots to do and we will continue working as we have time. Stay tuned for more...

-grampa dan

HEARTS! Everywhere.

The crew is split these days with half trying madly to finish off the major parts of the outside trim. The others are beginning the new project, now five days in. I keep busy at the welding table, fabricating the structural steel for the features. At the other end of the shop the ladies are busy painting with every surface stacked high with heart trim blocks. They are in the last stages of the painting and the shop is getting colorful to say the least,


Next week the hearts and trim will all be put into place on the house and the crew will switch gears to concentrate on the theme park project. Everyone is more than ready after weeks of painting trim piece after trim piece. I can hardly wait to see all fo the trim in place! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Final trim

The last area of the inside of the house to get it's trim is the entry. After weeks away on other projects the Boughen boys are back for two days of the final work. I had precut and routed the larger pieces, leaving the final fitting to Brent and Jesse. With the windows on either side of the door being oval it is pretty tricky work, but things are looking great already.

start of front door trim.png

Tomorrow the boys should be done with our painting crew close on their heals. Once they are done I can lay the last of the tile. I'm sure looking forward to that! :)

-grampa dan

Closing in on the finish

Today Peter and the crew made great progress on the plasterwork on the house, finishing off the back walls and one of the two remaining tres as well. Only the window sills and the back wall of the lawnmower room remain. It is looking fabulous! 

front porch tree 2.png

Janis had requested hearts be hidden in the tree (which did happen) as well as a feature heart with J+D just for fun.

back porch tree.png

With the return of cooler temperatures and a little rain it was time to seed the lawn at last. It is just a quick pass with final grading and overseeding to come after we put in the sidewalks. We put in the gravel for under the sidewalk and decided where all of the fencing is going to go. It's going to be nice to see gren lawns instead of the bare dirt we've been looking at for so long during construction.

newly seeded lawn.png

Inside the tile work is done save for a few tiles in the entrance. Those are waiting on the finish carpenter who is waiting on some custom routing by me. That is also being done today. By tomorrow nonn I'll be ready for him. He is suposed to come next week which means paint will follow after that, then the last few tiles...  and then...  then we are DONE!

-grampa dan

Creative concrete

As we work our way around the back of the house we continue to design and work out details of the various parts. It's the same way we did the front and sides of the house. Today, Peter did  the last of the wall plaster work. That leaves only a little rock work along the bottom to finish things off. 

last of the wall plaster.png

One area we needed something imaginative was around the dog door. The door needed a roof over it to prevent water splashing in. Peter came up with the idea of building a miniature version of our patio. Yesterday we fastened in the steel framework and shingled the roof. Today Peter did the surrounding plasterwork and the rocks along the bottom of the wall. I'll be designing a faux round window and trim which will be routed in one piece. We'll paint it up and then install it. The tree trunk supports will then be sculpted in place after the concrete deck is poured.

dog door porch.png

It's all a bit over the top but in good fun. Why not?

-grampa dan

Have a heart

The theme of our house on the outside is hearts. Many are hidden and subtle, carved into the trees and rock work. Once noticed, however,they are obvious and abundant. The trim has literally thousands of hearts routed into the accent centers. Even these from a distance look like a subtle pattern, painted and glazed various shades of brown and blending into the woodwork. But at each intersection of the large 8" wide trim a larger heart will be installed. And for good measure we'll paint each of those hearts bright pink as per special request by Janis.

Kendra holding heart.png

We'll be creating scores of heart shaped blocks for the task. This pile represents about one third of them.

heart blocks.png

Each day more pieces are added to our giant jigsaw puzzle, bringing it ever closer to completion.

-grampa dan

Slow but steady

The MultiCam CNC router has been running for more than 60 hours straight and will for at least another two days to create the bulk of the remaining outside trim for the house. The ladies of our crew are busy painting up a storm, first with three base coats and then the four layers of glaze. As fast as the painting is done Peter is fastening the pieces into place. He's also spending time up o n the roof, finishing the painting and installing the trim on the upstairs dormers, the hardest task yet to finish. The front two are done save for final paint and the back two are well underway.

The back patio area is also progressing nicely. The uppoer painting is almost done and the trim only needs one more coat of glaze to finish it off. This and the front window need the mullion trim to finish them off. When the router is finished up the current tasks that work will begin.

patio wall.png

The front porch area is getting it's final glazes and is looking pretty fine. I still have a little routing to do for the front door trim but that will be underway within a few days. Inside tile work is contuinuing with the all of the last tile cut and fitted for the mud room. That leaves only the last few remaining tile in the mudroom bathroom and the front entry. I'll sure be glad to get off my knees. There was a LOT of tile in this house with a seemingly endless number of cuts. The good news is it looks fabulous done and the house is a breeze to keep clean with all tile floors.

The contractor signs have now been removed from the front lawn and have been freshened up and delivered to our contractors whoi did such a great job for us.

The house is looking better each day and feeling more like home as well.

-grampa dan

Back yard work

The work continues on the back of the house. Trim is going up regularly and coats of paint are being applied one after the other. The back porch trees (posts) of the lawn mower room are now the main project at hand. First Peter welded up the fence and pencil rod frame of the tree. The first one is now complete and the second one started.. The diamond lath is going on from the top down and then we'll apply the concrete and sculpt the actual tree. 

tree post framework.png

Out in the giant new backyard garden hoses are being laid out on the dirt to test the possible new fence lines. All new fencing is soon to follow. We are also looking at various locations for some new trees and landscaping. The house is looking more finished all the time.

-grampa dan

Peter on the roof.

It was Peter's first day back on the job and we've been saving lots of work - just for him. Today he was to begin finishing off the dormer window trim which we had prepainted. I had also carefully measured and cut it to fit so it was just a matter of fitting it into place. In the next days he'll staple the lath into place around the windows and then we'll plaster and carve in the final 'wood' trim. A few days later, after the concrete has finished curing we can finish off the paint. The first dormer window looks fabulous already.

peter on the roof.png

One dormer down - three to go!

Good to have you back and close to home Peter!

-grampa dan

Trim and more trim.

This week we have made the transsition from working on the inside to finishing the outside of the house. Much of the fancy trim was cut last fall, but tucked away as the colder weather set in. Now we are again working on the base coats and three layers of glaze each piece will get.

The outside of the house has a hearts theme and the trim has thousands of tiny hearts routed into the center panels in four layers. The painting and glazing is designed to highlight them. In this picture Sarah is putting on the second of three glazes on one of the scores of boards.

trim painting.png

One more done with a hundred to go. :)

-grampa dan

Final strokes

It is always a delightful thing when we can finally call another room in the new house totally done. Today Janis' office got the nod, making it ready for the move in. The living room is also getting very close. Everyone has been busy applying the multiple coats of glaze and carefully cutting in the trim. One side of the bridge is now complete with the second side due tomorrow. The butterfly trim looks spectacular.

painting bridge.png
living room windows done.png

Janis painted the plain middle sections of the wall this evening.

janis painting.png

Tomorrow we'll cut the last of the wainscotting making the room ready for furniture at last. I can hardly wait to sit in the love seats and just enjoy the space. It seems like a lifetime ago Janis & I sat in our old house and sketched out our ideas, dreaming of the day we would get to live here. Now after a tremendous amount of work by many fine people that dream comes true.

-grampa dan

Peacock room

Becke has always loved wild colors. For her room upstairs in the new house she has pulled out the stops. Inspired by a peacock feather she has designed the colors for her room. It is pretty wild. With the hand troweled sloped plaster ceilings and high wainscot it looks like no other room I've ever seen.

becke painting peacock room.png

By late next week the room will be complete. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Getting empty

Since the beginning of the construction project the living and dining room has been a staging point for an endless assortment of construction tools and materials. Yesterday the Boughens packed up their tools to go to another project for a couple of weeks. Most of the aerials were used up. It was time to do a major cleanup in preparation for the two workshops to be held in the next two weeks. We'll be taking our meals in the new house.

Suddenly the room looked large. Well fix that with furniture soon.

empty living room.png

Upstairs the railing on the bridge is now ready for paint. Phoebe performed an inspection today and declared it perfect.

bridge rail in.png

The bridge is now safe. One more thing off the list.

-grampa dan

More pieces in place.

Today was another busy day all through the house as everyone did their part to finish things off in time for the workshops. Upstairs Phoenix and Annie were welding in the last of the spindles on the railing. The electricians from C and S Electric were putting in electrical plugs and cover plates. It sure cleaned things up in a hurry! The Boughen boys were trimming windows and other details. One of the areas finished was the dining room window. With all of the butterfly trim in place it looks spectacular!

Here's a view of the dining room from up on the bridge. The old house is visible out the south facing window. When it is finally gone the mountain view from the dining room will be totally awesome!

dining room from bridge.png

From the dining room the window detail looks just as great.

dining room door trim in.png

Up close the detail looks very cool. Once it is all painted it will be even better.

butterfly detail.png

In the next few days everything will get a spit and polish for our workshop guests will enjouy the first meals in the dining room next week. It is going to be fun to share the space with our visitors from around the world!

-grampa dan

Dining in style

Today the trim was started that I've been excited about since the first sketches were drawn. The oversize crown moulding was installed around the dining room window. Thus far the Boughen boys have done a great job on the tricky task. 

dining room trim 3.png

The crown molding and window trims are designed to work together seamlessly. Assembling the pieces is tricky and takes a great deal of skill and experience. The Boughen boys bring that to the table.

dining room trim 4.png

Down below the butterfly trim blends into the textures of the wainscot.

dining room trim3.png

Bec finished the sample paint colors we will be using on the trim.

butterfly sample.png

It is going to be pretty cool!

-grampa dan