Fifteen years in the making

One of the necessities of owning a business is having a commercial garbage container. It needs to be located in a place the giant garbage truck can easily get to which place ours right in front of the house. That simply wouldn't do. Our solution was to construct a building to house the unsightly garbage bin. Only this building looks a lot like a giant mountain, complete with a gnarly tree on top. The steep slopes have built in planters at various levels which will overflow with such vegetation soon. At the back of the mountain is another set of doors which swing open to reveal the garden tractor and all of the yard tools. We actually started the garbage bin project right after we bought the property fifteen years ago. But the location for the house and driveway were not yet finalized. We fabricated the tree and framework for the mountain and then put the brakes on the project pending a final decision of location. The mountain was moved four times before we settled on this location. After the new house was largely complete work commenced one more on the garbage mountain. Each year we get a little more complete. In the next few days the sculpted concrete sculpting will be finished and painting can begin at last!

garbage bin.png
garden tractor shed.png