Closing in on the finish

Today Peter and the crew made great progress on the plasterwork on the house, finishing off the back walls and one of the two remaining tres as well. Only the window sills and the back wall of the lawnmower room remain. It is looking fabulous! 

front porch tree 2.png

Janis had requested hearts be hidden in the tree (which did happen) as well as a feature heart with J+D just for fun.

back porch tree.png

With the return of cooler temperatures and a little rain it was time to seed the lawn at last. It is just a quick pass with final grading and overseeding to come after we put in the sidewalks. We put in the gravel for under the sidewalk and decided where all of the fencing is going to go. It's going to be nice to see gren lawns instead of the bare dirt we've been looking at for so long during construction.

newly seeded lawn.png

Inside the tile work is done save for a few tiles in the entrance. Those are waiting on the finish carpenter who is waiting on some custom routing by me. That is also being done today. By tomorrow nonn I'll be ready for him. He is suposed to come next week which means paint will follow after that, then the last few tiles...  and then...  then we are DONE!

-grampa dan