Two more rooms tiled.

Over the last week I've been busy each evening, cutting the last of what seemed like an endless amount of tile for the mudroom area. The tile had to be fitted around the legs of the bench, around the cabinets and up the walls in the bathroom. I knew we were cutting it close with the light colored tile, but figured there would be plenty. As I fitted the final tiles around the sink I opened the last box of tiles. There would be six tiles left over (out of more than fifity cases).

The last two tile to be cut were tricky however, as I had to cut a three gang switch out of the center of one and a plug out of the other. Surprisingly, I did both cuts on the first attempt - without breaking the tile. But as I laid the tile today I realized I had cut the holes a little low in the tile - too low to fudge. So it was time to cut two more. It took five tries to cut the two tiles, leaving only one spare tile. That was far too close for my liking but we did have enough and that is all that counts. I'll polish off the grouting tomorrow.

tile in mudroom bath.png

Now, there is ony the small bit of tile by the front door to complete and that has to wait until the finish carpenter installs the last of the trim. I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan