The shortest way to the new house

With the tile finished in the kitchen and dining room today was moving day for the kitchen - at long last. We considered all options for the move but the thing was the doors in the old house were very narrow. To get the stove and fridge out we had to remove all of the handles and do some pretty heavy lifting, over counters, down stairways and then up a gravel driveway to the new house. Thankfully we also had a second option - a much shorter path to the new house. 

I loaded up the tools in the shop and then set to work. By removing one window in the old dining room and then cutting a door into the wall it was an easy twenty-five foot level push to the new house. It didn't take long with the right tools...

trimming old house.png
hole in house.png

After suffering through many cold winters in the old house we discovered what we had long suspected. The old house had single pane windows and no insulation or vapor barrier. There were three layers of siding however as the house had been renovated at least that many times in the eighty years it had been there.

With the large new door in the side of the old house the move of the kitchen appliances, fixtures and supplies went smoothly.

-grampa dan