Final strokes

It is always a delightful thing when we can finally call another room in the new house totally done. Today Janis' office got the nod, making it ready for the move in. The living room is also getting very close. Everyone has been busy applying the multiple coats of glaze and carefully cutting in the trim. One side of the bridge is now complete with the second side due tomorrow. The butterfly trim looks spectacular.

painting bridge.png
living room windows done.png

Janis painted the plain middle sections of the wall this evening.

janis painting.png

Tomorrow we'll cut the last of the wainscotting making the room ready for furniture at last. I can hardly wait to sit in the love seats and just enjoy the space. It seems like a lifetime ago Janis & I sat in our old house and sketched out our ideas, dreaming of the day we would get to live here. Now after a tremendous amount of work by many fine people that dream comes true.

-grampa dan