MOVING DAY in Yarrow!

Today was the official start of the move into the new house. It won't be an instant process but instead we'll move in a bit at a time, sorting through everything as we find a permanent home for each item. I suspect many things won't make the journey as we decide what we keep or not. After ten years of living in the same place there is lots to sort through and move. Tonight will be our first night to sleep in the new house.

To get ready for the big day the electrician put in the last switches, lights and plugs, making sure every plate and cover was in place to make it safe for everyone. The plumber also arrived today to install the upstairs toilet and most importantly of all hook up the waste water system. At long last the plumbing was ready to go. Janis was dancing her dance of joy and insisted on moving the first of countless loads of things into the new house. Being the practical person she is she knew just what to bring...

moving day.png

It is the time we have looked forward to for so very long! MOVING DAY ONE!

-grampa dan