Lighting the way

Today Ryan, the electrician finished hooking up the many connections in the electrical room. The LED's under the hand rail of the stairs inside the giant tree would be the first to get turned on for testing. It only took a few minutes to string the contactless Heico LED modules onto the wire and then glue them up into position in the cavity molded under the handrail.

installing led light.png

Ryan flipped the switch and the stairs were instantly lit perfectly as I had imagined. It was pure magic.

tree stairs.png
stairs from bottom.png

Looking down from the top of the stairs it is just as cool.

down staircase.png

The Heico Lighting LED's will be dimmable so the perfect light will serve to allow night access to the stairs by our guests. the next item in the stairway will be the handrail. I'll finish welding the steel handrail in place and then sculpt around the steel structure to make it look like a tree branch.

It is all starting to come together.

-grampa dan