Happy Horse Saloon.

No western town would be complete without a drinking establishment. Nestled in the tall trees is the Happy Horse Saloon. The architecture of the building is in keeping with the Trading Post with twisted log posts and a wide veranda.

No hard liquor is served on these premises but instead only family rated fare. They also offer passes to the fun which is visible at every turn.


Wagon Wheel.


The Wagon Wheel is the iconic attraction in the western side of the park. Golly the gopher sits atop the sign welcoming all guest to ride the fifty-five foot tall wheel. In the evening hours the lights on the giant wheel are a beacon of fun to all who drive nearby.

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Windmill Drop.

One of the prettiest cues for the attractions is not visible from the main walkway. Guests waiting to ride the Windmill Drop wind their way past the old working Pelton water wheel and into a hidden canyon. They thread through a rock arch and then circle back towards the ride that towers above.


Blastin' Barrels.

One of the highlights of the Blastn' Barrels attraction is the cue. The line winds through a cave, one corner stacked to the roof with dynamite. A lantern sits on top. Overhead a Porter locomotive hangs precariously, the rails blasted and twisted. The resulting runaway train ride roars behind.


Blastin' Barrels - the ride.

The Blastin’ Barrels attraction is a small spinning coaster with custom molded cars. What is unique about this ride is that it winds its way trhough a forest and is tucked under the big Runaway Train Coaster. It is an expremely tight fit but still respects the ride envelope.


Buckin' Bronco.

The Buckin’ Bronco appeals to our guests who love a thrill. Hold on tight for this eighty foot long attraction will give you the ride of your life! It spins wildly (in both directions) while you travel back and forth along a horseshoe shaped track. The attractions proximity to the tall trees and neighboring tall steel adds to the ride experience exponentially!

It is all about the details.

A story best told is all about the details. The wagon is a great example. Guests who look closely will notice one wheel on the wagon is a different colour. Why? In the olden days there wasn’t a tire store  on the trail. If a wagon broke a wheel the only solution was to improvise. In this case the owner of this fine rig borrowed a wheel from a similar but different coloured wagon.


Runaway Mine Train.


The Runaway Mine Train is a family coaster which offers an exciting and rapid trip through the park at tree level. With each steeply banked turn a new section of the park is revealed. The ride circles or encouters six other attractions along its exciting journey.


Roll out the Barrels!

To facilitate the installation of the Runaway Mine Train coaster seventy massive concrete pillars were poured in place. The challenge was to add theme work around these giant pillars and conserve real estate in the process. Our solution was to wrap them in barrels, many with a label to tell what they were used for prior to this. This barrel theme was extended to the ticket booth as well.


Pedal Power by the Hour.


For those guests seeking a little more excercise and something a little less exciting there is a bicycle and quad cycle rental just outside the gates. Guests can explore the quaint village of Cultus Lake, peddaling through the streets or along the scenic lakeshore. The quad cycle can handle a family on a single vehicle.


The design and creation of Cultus Lake Adventure Park has been the fulfillment of a long held dream. So much has been packed into the boundaries and yet it feels anything but crowded. Cultus Lake Adventure Park is a visual Delight and sets a world class standard for small, regional theme parks.


This park will be enjoyed for many years to come and families will create lifelong memories in this happy place.