Landmark signs.

On the other side of the walkway two large features dominate the lansdscape. The hot air balloon is a photo opportunity for guests. The ancient wooden water tower provides a water source for the gold panning below.


Trading Post Mountain.


The Trading Post building serves many functions and looks very different depending on the angle. From the east much of the building is hidden by a mountain with live plants at every level and even a waterfall flowing tumbling into the pond below. ‘Mother Tree’ looms overhead and you can see her face from the north. 

The other side of the building has a distinct western flavor with false fronts and a wide veranda. The posts holding up the porch roof are twisted logs. 

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Trading Post signs.

The signs of the Trading Post are more for the purpose of story telling and entertainment than information. They offer the history of the businesses that once graced the western boardwalk.

The signs that do inform guests about pricing options remain in character and yet still do their job perfectly.


Wilderness Trail.

The Wilderness Trail is a play area for parents and young children. It features a myriad of activities for energetic kids including rope bridges, netting climbs, winding trails,  balance beams, a wading pool, two lookouts, climb-through logs, a maze of caves, gold panning, a barrel bridge, a tree fort and a whole lot more.


Get active!

Kids roam free in this area, staying at each feature as long as their attention span allows. Each location is an invitation to get active. Children instictively know what to do at each stop along the way. Parents are often the only limiting factor in their play.


The Cultus Caves.

Tucked under the main walkway coming into the park is a one hundred and thirty foot long maze of caves. Kids love exploring this hidden laberinth. The cave was largely built with the top off to allow safe welding of the structure. Miles of steel and many hundreds of hours were used in the building of this popular feature. 


Gold fever!


The excitement of kids and their parents is palpable as they try their hand at panning for ‘gold and gems’, often for the first time. The old wooden water tower, hollowed log water trough and the ancient mining car add authenticity to the experience. Each element of the experience is designed to draw guests further into the park.


Carousel and Ballon Adventure.


For those young at heart there are two classic rides. The colorful, double row Carousel features both horses and an assorted menagerie of other critters. 

The spinning Balloon Adventure is a gentle ride unless the riders decide to twist the handle and give their gondolas a spin. Some get going in circles very, very fast and feel the inevitable consequences at the end.


Custom fencing.

To satisfy strict Canadian safety regulations we installed  a factory-made fencing around the rides which differed from the wandering ‘happy’ fence throughout the balance of the park. The relatively plain regulation fence was dressed up by adding custom made icons symbolizing each attraction. These were cut with a cnc waterjet and then powder coated to match the fence.


Western gate.

Most of our guests enter Cultus Lake Adventure park through the memorable western gate. Here they leave their everyday world and enter a happy place where lifetime memories are created with family and friends. It is a land of high adventure with seven attractions visible as soon as they enter. The big question is which one to enjoy first!