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Dan Sawatzky painting a Gruffle for Scallywag Bay Adventure Park.

Dan Sawatzky's name has become synonymous with highly-creative, themed 3-D signs and projects. Writer, teacher, and leader, Dan has aquired his knowlege through hands-on experience in the shop and on diverse projects across Canada and the US. In the last few years he has pushed the CNC router to a new level as a tool for sign making. He and his team share that knowledge (and a whole lot more!) in his Sign Magic Workshops.

Held in the Sawatzky's world famous studio and workshop, and fueled by his fun and energetic approach, the classes deliver a healthy dose of creative techniques, marketing tips, and inspiration. You'll find the long days go far too quickly as we switch things up constantly and cram in as much as humanly possible. We will immerse you in our creative world where the seemingly impossible happens regularly.

During the workshop students will sculpt, weld, paint, glaze, draw, design, route and a whole lot more. What has taken Dan and his team more than 40 years to learn, they do their best to squeeze into three long days.

It's high energy event with lots of great food, plenty of laughter and tons of sharing. There is a limit of fourteen students per workshop.

Dan reveals his magic... and makes it achievable!

A workshop participant settles down to read.

Next Sign Magic Workshop:

To Be Announced

Cost $1650.00 Canadian dollars per person

(taxes extra)

For more information contact:

Dan Sawatzky

604 823 2216

Our Sign Magic Workshops provide an effective mix of instruction and hands-on learning. While we do some classroom time, we spend far more time in the shop. Learning is best done by doing. We'll show you how seemingly impossible tasks are most often a series of simple steps put together.

Ask any question and we'll do our best to answer. Look in all the corners and take all the pictures you wish. It's not just allowed - we encourage it!

We cover so much more than just CNC routing techniques at our workshops. We'll show you many, many things in a step by step fashion. It's not just Dan teaching either for the whole crew is there, delighted to share the things they do on a daily basis. Once we show you the basics we'll encourage you to try your hand at the same tasks, adding detail, faux finishing, sculpting, using new materials and a hundred other things. 

We talk of inspiration, passion, design, making your work absolute magic, and how all this can transform your sign shop to something previously only imagined.

The end result is MAGIC!

A workshop participant painting
From the very second I turned into the driveway leading up to the Sawatzky’s Imagination Corporation shop I knew I was in for the ride of a lifetime! Every moment, every word, every lesson/story comes back to me again and again as I move along my creative path here at my shop. Dan and his oh so talented crew breathe new life and fun into how I approach my projects, everyday.

These workshops are a generous invitation to experience the magic and impact of dimensional design and fabrication. Doors open to a world of new and fresh design possibilities. Dan challenges us all to reach higher and find our wings in the process. For this I am forever grateful.
— Noella Cotnam, Sign-it, Ontario Canada
It was three days of inspiration, ideas, and magic that have changed the way I see signs. Dan teaches from the heart. As a sign guy and true artist, he explains things so that everyone, beginner or veteran, can understand. Those at the workshop formed friendships that seemed to be years in the making.
— Cody Reich of Columbia Signs, Bush Prairie, Washington

Becke giving a demonstration.
Workshop Participants learning to weld
In the past two years, I have been privileged enough to attend 2 of Dan Sawatzky’s workshops. The first year, I went in expecting to learn a few new things and take them back to my shop to use them here and there. What I didn’t expect was to have my eyes opened to such a degree that it turned my business on its head. The sign magic workshop was so much more than a workshop. Dan spent time teaching me to have fun in the sign business and to look at signs in a whole new light. Our business model and offerings have changed for the better because of it.

The second workshop I attended this past October was Sculpture magic. Upon returning back to Dan’s shop, I felt that fire that was lit the year previous all over again. Having spent very little time hand sculpting, Dan’s workshop brought out skills that I never thought I had. I returned home with an amazing piece of sculpture and a renewed spirit wanting do do as much with my new knowledge as possible.

While I thinks it’s utterly impossible to communicate in words how amazing Dan’s classes are, here is my best shot…. We learned philosophy, ethics, concrete carving, sculpting, CNC Machining, design, job costing, and amazing painting techniques all in a few days. It’s one of those classes you arrive early to and stay late. Time spent with Dan is a life altering experience. I went to Yarrow the first time to have my mind blown. The second time to sharpen skills. And when I came home, I can honestly say I am a better sign maker and person for having spent time with Dan and his family.

Some day I hope that I can pay it forward the same way that Dan has.
— Jim Dawson, Synergy Sign & Graphics, Strasburg, Ohio
I think I mentioned to you when I was at your place that I was a little worried spending $1650. for a weekend workshop plus air and hotel since I’ve spent a lot less on others and got nothing from them. Well that $1650 was the best investment I have ever made and you will definitely be seeing me a few more times.
— Cory Major, Atomic Designs and Signs, Ontario

Workshop participants with their name plates

Workshop participants with their name plates

Dan is one of those rare individuals that have “done it” become the best of what he does and even more rarely is willing and passionate about sharing his knowledge.

I learned a great deal from Dan’s workshops in respect to Marketing your company, building a strong portfolio in the work you “want to do” and as such have changed the way we do things to take on more exciting projects and create work that we are both proud to create and thoroughly enjoy doing.

Dan not only brings you to his place of business, over the 3 day intense learning period I was also submerged into his extremely imaginative world and amazed at how openly he and his team shared their skills and techniques. I felt welcomed into their environment and a part of the family. You leave this workshop feeling enriched, excited, and thankful for such a rare experience.
— Nick Hansen, Hansen Signs, New Brunswick

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