Sculpting Magic Workshop

We are holding this year’s workshops On Oct. 20-22 and Oct. 25-27, 2019.

Next year’s workshop will be held Oct. 21-23, 2020.

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Dan and Peter Sawatzky and their crew have long been known for their award winning dimensional signs that incorporate 3D sculptures into their design. They are now offering a three day workshop that will show just how they accomplish this MAGIC on a daily basis. Over the course of three long days Dan, Peter and their skilled crew will demonstrate and then guide you through the process from design, armature construction, shaping, sculpting in the detail and painting with their unique process. We'll carve concrete and Precision Board, weld steel, sculpt epoxy, paint and much more!

Bring your work clothes for this is a hands-on workshop!

Everything you need will be supplied - just come with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Lunch, dinner and snacks will be are included on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (snacks and lunch only). Enjoy an abundance of wholesome, home made cooking.

They will show how the same design principles and sculpting techniques work on any size project, large or small. Each student will sculpt a project of their own, following step by step as Dan and Peter and crew demonstrate how even a very complex project is not at all difficult when broken down into small steps.

They will show each student how to use the most basic tools to create texture and detail in such a way as to make the projects simpler and faster to finish. Dan will give a talk about how to market your new found skills as well. 

Dan Sawatzky gives some help to a workshop participant.

Nick Hanson from New Brunswick works on his sculpture.

The workshop will be held in the Sawatzky's world famous studio/workshop, which is chock full of examples to learn from. We'll tour a current project in construction and see how everything fits togeher seamlessly.  It will be three full days of high energy learning and inspiration - an unforgettable experience that will totally change the way you think about dimensional signs. 


October 21-23, 2020

Cost $2,000.00 Canadian dollars per person

 (taxes included)

The class size is limited and space is available

on a first come - first serve basis.

For more information contact:

Dan Sawatzky


Here's what attendees of previous Sculpture MAGIC workshops have to say...

Throughout the workshop weekend I had many opportunities to see these mysteries revealed…I was not disappointed. From the moment I walked in the door (quite literally), to the time I packed up my goodies for home, Dan maintained a high energy ‘here’s-how’…eager to show and eager to share…it was a non-stop adventure.
— 'Cosmic ' Ray Renooy, Winnipeg, Manitoba
I soaked up all I could during the workshop time and I really appreciate Dan’s sharing on all levels! His career is an inspiration!
— Bonnie Norling Wakeman - Colorado, USA
I enjoyed many parts of the workshop, but the most beneficial thing for me was asking the questions and getting the answers. I really enjoyed talking with Dan and learning about techniques, and workflows. I really felt like he understood the pitfalls we all face as creative individuals, having to do with business, and personality traits that come with being creative.

I felt that seeing and doing helped me a lot. I could have watched videos all day on how to stick concrete to lathe, but until Dan takes the trowel from you and shows you what you are doing wrong, you’d never catch on from just watching. I appreciated the coaching from him and the hands-on experience.
— JD Winters, Arizona, USA
Doug Haffner from Illinois and Phillip John from Australia mix concrete

Dan Sawatzky and "Cosmic" Ray Renooy
In the past two years, I have been privileged enough to attend 2 of Dan Sawatzky’s workshops. The first year, I went in expecting to learn a few new things and take them back to my shop to use. What I didn’t expect was to have my eyes opened to such a degree that it turned my business on its head. The sign magic workshop was so much more than a workshop. Dan spent time teaching me to have fun in the sign business and to look at signs in a whole new light. Our business model and offerings have changed for the better because of it.

The second workshop I attended this past October was Sculpture magic. Upon returning back to Dan’s shop, I felt that fire that was lit all over again. Having spent very little time hand sculpting, Dan’s workshop brought out skills that I never thought I had. I returned home with an amazing piece of sculpture and a renewed spirit wanting do do as much with my new knowledge as possible.

While I thinks it’s utterly impossible to communicate in words how amazing Dan’s classes are, here is my best shot…. We learned philosophy, ethics, concrete carving, sculpting, CNC Machining, design, job costing, and amazing painting techniques all in a few days. It’s one of those classes you arrive early to and stay late. Time spent with Dan is a life altering experience. I went to Yarrow the first time to have my mind blown. The second time to sharpen skills. And when I came home, I can honestly say I am a better sign maker and person for having spent time with Dan and his family.
— Jim Dawson, Synergy Sign & Graphics, Strasburg, Ohio

From the very second I turned into the driveway leading up to the Sawatzky’s Imagination Corporation shop I knew I was in for the ride of a lifetime! Every moment, every word, every lesson/story comes back to me again and again as I move along my creative path here at my shop. Dan and his oh so talented crew breathe new life and fun into how I approach my projects, everyday. These workshops are a generous invitation to experience the magic and impact of dimensional design and fabrication. Doors open to a world of new and fresh design possibilities.

Dan challenges us all to reach higher and find our wings in the process. For this I am forever grateful.
— Noella Cotnam, Sign-it Signs, Ontario, Canada
I signed up for the sign magic workshop at the very beginning of my own business. At the time, I thought I was going to learn about some new techniques and ideas I could apply as I went forward. It quickly became clear that the workshop was going to help shape the entire future for my new business. I didn’t just find inspiration, I found a match that ignited the fuse on an imagination firework that’s still exploding in a million colors today.

It was with complete joy that I returned again for the sculpting magic workshop. This time my expectations were higher. They were exceeded. Make no mistake, I’ll be back for more!
— Doug Haffner, Haffner's Fantastic Creations, Wyoming, Illinois
Noella Cotnam carves a "wood" sample
Kurt Stoner from Stoner Graphics carves a concrete tree.
Dan is one of those rare individuals that have “done it” become the best of what he does and even more rarely is willing and passionate about sharing his knowledge.

I learned a great deal from Dan’s workshops in respect to marketing your company, building a strong portfolio in the work you “want to do” and as such have changed the way we do things to take on more exciting projects and create work that we are both proud to create and thoroughly enjoy doing.

Dan not only brings you to his place of business, over the 3 day intense learning period I was also submerged into his extremely imaginative world and amazed at how openly he and his team shared their skills and techniques. I felt welcomed into their environment and a part of the family. You leave this workshop feeling enriched, excited, and thankful for such a rare experience.
— Nick Hansen, Hansen Signs, New Brunswick