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Yesterday we delivered the load of light posts to WhistlePunk Hollow. 


While we were there I did a site inspection and was delighted with everything that I saw. Each feature looked like it belonged, as they had carefully poured the concrete around the low parts. The carpet folks were there starting to measure up and install some of the greens. Many of the trees have been planted and each day it looks more like a golf. Next week we'll be on-site for a few days doing the last of the sculpted concrete.


Jeff had finished building the trestle with the front end of it dangling precariously from what will be the giant rock. He had skillfully used his chainsaw to cut the timber and ties to look like they had been broken in the giant rock fall that had trapped the ancient locomotive in it's precarious position, high on the trestle.

 Next week we'll be on-site for a few days doing the last of the sculpted concrete. I look forward to spending a few days there with my crew as we button this project up. 

-grampa dan

Lighting the way

The boys have been busy cutting, grinding and welding heavy steel tubing and plates for the light standards for WhistlePunk Hollow Adventure Golf. They are bright and shiney right now but will soon gather a coat of rust, suitable for the old logging theme of the golf.

This afternoon the light posts were finished and loaded onto the flat deck trailer for the two hour journey to Squamish. I'll be heading out in the morning.

They've been busy at the golf and the greens and walkways are now almost complete. I hear the greens are beginning to be installed as well. It won't be long until guests are playing golf!

-grampa dan

A forest of poles

The light poles for WhistlePunk Hollow golf are now welded up and ready for the installation of the cross bars. With all the lights it looks like a silver forest in the shop.The boys did a great job fitting, welding and grinding up the many seams!

Next wek we'll weld on the cross bars and light conduits, making the light posts ready for delivery and installation. At the worksite they poured many of the walkways. The golf is quickly coming together!

-grampa dan