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Building a sign is only half the fun

When I am dreamng up our cool projects I am also starting to think about how we will permanently mount it, how we will hold it up for fabrication and how we will transport it to it's permanent home. If possible the mounting points do all three but sometimes we have to get creative. There are many creative ways to hold, fasten and transport a sign. 

For the Lark Rise sign we couldn't transport it upright. It was too tall. But we didn't want to lay it down on the trailer. So I welded up three steel cradles and bolted them to the trailer bed. The sign was laid down on the cradles keeping  the painted surfaces thre inches off the trailer. The metal bits are easily and quickly painted on site after the sign is in it's permanent home.

All straps to fasten the sign into the trailer will be tied to the metal bits as well. The sign should arrive in perfect condition.

-grampa dan