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Barking up the right tree
This morning Hailey came in before her day's classes and started the process of laying the paint glazes onto the tree. This is the first of three colors of glaze we will be using. With the addition of the glaze the tree bark instantly gained visual depth and dimension.
By the end of the weekend I hope to finish this piece.
-grampa dan
Instant old growth timber

No trees were harmed in today's work on the log feature. Today we applied the fiberglass reinforced concrete to the log car and sculpted the giant timber exterior. It changed the scale of the piece in an instant making it appear to be the giant old growth log it is intended to be.

Now we'll let it cure a few days before applying the paint and then doing the final assembly. It is going to look very cool as the final paint goes on. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

One more step done

Today Matt tied the last of the lath onto the log car, making it ready for the plasterwork which is the next step.

The steam donkey also got one of the giant log skids lathed and the second one is now finished welding, now ready for the lath. 

The framework for the 'wooden' deck is next and then the boiler and cable workings are the final step of the welding.

-grampa dan