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Whistle while I work

Late today I welded up the second side of the steam donkey spool and frame. While I was at it I added the controls and the manditory steam whistle of course. The feature is coming together in a hurry.

This leaves only the boiler top and smoke stack to go before this stage of the project is done. Stay tuned...

 -grampa dan

Getting into our work

Attaching the lath, sculpting and painting can get pretty tricky at times, especially in the tighter areas. Matt was wiring today and had to really squeeze to get at the hidden inside bits.

I teased him a little as he worked, but no fear for he will get the last laugh as I apply the concrete and carve these same tight areas. I'm looking forward to it... NOT.

-grampa dan

One twist at a time

Matt was busy a good part of the day attaching the expanded lath to the welded frame I had done previously. Hand tying metal lath to an armature is hard work at the best of times. This piece with it's intricate workings was doubly so. It takes a great deal of practice and experience to become a good wirer. Lots of band-aids need to be kept handy too for the lath edges are sharp and cut like a razor if you aren't careful. Matt is doing a great job keeping up to me as I do the welding.

Pretty soon it will be time to mix up some more concrete and start sculpting this BIG piece and make it come alive in the process.! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan