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Making it shiny

In between running errands, supervising the new house project, and managing the crew I spent a bunch of time with a paint brush in my hand. I was working on the Coastal Enterprises display truck. I started with primer, using a small brush to purposely add just a little more texture. This is a work truck after all. When the primer was dry I laid on the base colors, double coating the black and triple coating the metallic green for a little extra sparkle. These paint coats were allowed to dry. Then I came in with the metallic silver and laid on the bling.

Last was the interior paint.

Tomorrow I'll buy the materials to build a sturdy shipping crate and it will soon be off to the international sign show in Las Vegas which is attended by more than 20,000 people from around the world.

-grampa dan

Body work done

The Precison Board truck was the item of my focus today. I used Abracabra Sculpting Epoxy to fashion the truck body. The sculpting epoxy gets rock hard in a few hours and is now ready for paint.

Tomorrow I'll begin laying on the color. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan


Another (small) ten wheeler

My friends at Coastal Enterprises (suppliers of Precision Board) needed a new display piece for a trade show that is only a couple of weeks away. Inspired by the Kel-Mor dump truck (which was featured in this month's SignCraft magazine) they wanted a small truck of their own. Sample pieces of Precision Board will be stacked up on the back.

I did up a quick concept sketch which they approved in an instant. 

As I started designing the files to cut the pieces I decided to add another back axle and make it a tandem - just for fun. Ten wheels are much more impressive than six. The MultiCam CNC router made short work of cutting all the pieces I needed. Here they are mocked up and ready to glue.

Then it was time to begin the gluing of the many pieces to make it into the truck I imagined.

There are still a few more pieces to glue on before I will do the final hand shaping and then add the sculpting epoxy to make all of the details. It is going to be a fun display piece! Stay tuned for more...

-grampa dan